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Isaiah 14:29


29 Rejoice [samach] not thou, whole Palestina [Palesheth], because the rod [shebet] of him that smote [nakah] thee is broken [shabar]: for out of the serpent's [nachash] root [sheresh] shall come forth [yatsa'] a cockatrice [tsepha`], and his fruit [pariy] shall be a fiery [saraph] flying [`uwph] serpent [saraph].  KJV-Interlinear


29 "Do not rejoice, O Philistia, all of you, Because the rod that struck you is broken; For from the serpent's root a viper will come out, And its fruit will be a flying serpent.  NASB


The warning continues. Even though there is coming a leadership change, and even though Judah may be perceived as in a weaker state and susceptible to an attack, that is not to fool anyone who would have such ideas of attacking or taking advantage of Judah.

Whole Philistia, is a reference to the whole of Palestine.

Palestine means, land of the Philistine. But it also means, land of the stranger, or land of the sojourners.

Philistia was located to the southwest of Judah, along the Mediterranean Sea. The Philistines engaged in war with Judah, frequently, and had been put in their place by Uzziah, who here is being referred to as the serpent.

Not that Uzziah was a serpent, but from the perspective of the Philistines, he was viewed as a pain in their side and plans.

When Uzziah died and the reigns of power went to Ahaz, then the Philistines viewed this change as a weakness in Judah. This view was furthered when Ahaz died, moving the reigns of power to an even more inexperienced leader, Hezekiah.

But God here warns them, the Philistines, as well as all foreigners whomever they might be, that even though there was a serpent in their eyes in the form of Uzziah, there is yet another and greater serpent coming that would end their existence forever.

The word for serpent, ‘nachash,’ is a general term referring to any serpent, not so much as a poisonous threat, but a nuisance to anyone who had to deal with it.

The word for cockatrice, ‘tsepha,’ refers to a highly toxic and venomous serpent, far more dangerous and fatally dangerous than any common serpent.

The root here, refers to a specific root that comes out of a dead stump. Jesus has often been referred to as the root that will spring out of the stump of Jesse, and so here the reference to the far more dangerous threat, is to that of Christ.

In the next verse the root of Philistine, will be killed, never to exist again.

And so here is a warning to Philistia, but more than that, it is a warning to any and all who might perceive Judah, or Israel, or the Jewish peoples, as being weak and an easy target of opportunity, that they cancel their plans because there is a far greater power that they would have to deal with, if in fact they invade or even challenge Judah, etc., in any way.

That result will be their destruction.

In this warning, there is also the promise and the secure feeling for Gods people, that God protects his own.

And especially when the final days of history arrive, then all evil will be destroyed and removed from history, leaving Gods people the sole survivors and victors over evil in all of its forms.

In the final days of history, Judah will be terribly compromised by larger powers, but there will also be lots of smaller groups or individuals or nobody's, who will try to take advantage of their weaknesses for their own gain.

But those plans of smaller peoples will not succeed. Israel will survive despite overwhelming odds against them, as well as the innumerable petty plans of other smaller adversaries.

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