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Isaiah 14:30


30 And the firstborn [bakowr] of the poor [dal] shall feed [ra`ah], and the needy ['ebyown] shall lie down [rabats] in safety [betach]: and I will kill [muwth] thy root [sheresh] with famine [ra`ab], and he shall slay [harag] thy remnant [sha'eriyth]. KJV-Interlinear


30 "And those who are most helpless will eat, And the needy will lie down in security; I will destroy your root with famine, And it will kill off your survivors.  NASB


Philistia, being along the border of Judah, constantly harassed those border villages and residents of Judah.

Consequently, people who lived along those border territories were in a constant state of danger and unrest. They would never know if or when a raiding party might happen along, whether this month or next month, whether this year of next year, and so forth.

Since no one really knows when danger is lurking until the raiders are seen advancing on them, they have no time, or very little time, to get prepared and/or to safety.

Anyone who was poor was never prepared, nor able to prepare themselves for any sort of life difficulty, let alone raiders. Life is full of difficulties, from weather, injuries, accidents, lack of money or resources, pressures from laws and regulations and such, and it is the poor who suffer the most from life's circumstances.

When you add in the threat of random and spontaneous raids from enemies that care nothing for you, then life becomes downright unbearable and always uncetain.

Now, this verse emphasized the infants of the poor.

Since the poor are typically the most at risk in any situation, then the mention of their babies indicates younglings that are even more at risk, as babies cannot take care of themselves, and are dependent on their poor parents, who themselves cannot take care of themselves nor keep themselves safe.

The infants then, are the most poor of the poor, the most at risk of those at risk.

And yet, when God is finished with cleaning up the evil enemies from all corners, then the picture changes.

Shall feed and lay down in safety, means total and complete safety and comfort and security.

And their safety is due to the promise made here, that God will not only stop the raiders, but God will totally remove their existence from the earth.

The word for kill, ‘muwth,’ means just that. God will destroy the enemies by killing them, resulting in their death, needless to say. The dead pose no more threats.

The root, is a reference to that posterity that grows up out of a stump. The stump referring to the parent who starts the next generation, the root. But when the stump is killed, then the root or off spring is starved, as it were, and thus dies due to the lack of any form of support mechanism. No parents, no offspring. No prior generation, then no subsequent generation. Nothing to sustain or perpetuate the old ways of evil.

And the remnant, of the enemy, or anyone left over, simply dies or fades away from history by default.

The intent here is that, at the end of history, when Christ is finished with His work of eliminating all evil from the earth, and this certainty is made clear, then even the poorest and most vulnerable will now be safe for the remainder of their lives.

All risks and threats and dangers from any and all enemies as the world has known, will cease to exist.

And even though this is stated as a warning against all would-be enemies of Gods people, it is intended to be a comfort to all of Gods people, that no matter what you face in life, and even though you do not live in that final generation of history, you are always under His protection and safety.

The world will try as it may, to destroy you, to keep you in a state of fear, to push you into a depression wanting you to give up on life or worse, just so the world can defeat you. But God is always there and your destiny is always there, and doctrine is always there, so that you can know that no matter what befalls you in life, you will end up a winner if you simply persevere.

Know this, that raiders are always out there in life. Your raiders may be economic or health issues, or whatever, and God will allow them to come and go at will, but no matter what the world throws your way, God is always there and your spiritual growth process is always there, for you to achieve the spiritual self-completion that God intends for you, and when it is all said and done, you will be a hero of the angelic conflict, and there is nothing that Satan, or demons, or life's difficulties can do to change or prevent that.

Life has to go to great lengths to destroy you.

All you need do is study doctrine, remain in fellowship, and in effect do nothing by comparison, and you will be the winner. God does all of the work.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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