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Isaiah 15:1


1 The burden [massa'] of Moab [Mow'ab]. Because in the night [layil] Ar [`Ar] of Moab [Mow'ab] is laid waste [shadad], and brought to silence [damah]; because in the night [layil] Kir [Qiyr] of Moab [Mow'ab] is laid waste [shadad], and brought to silence [damah];  KJV-Interlinear


1 The oracle concerning Moab. Surely in a night Ar of Moab is devastated and ruined; Surely in a night Kir of Moab is devastated and ruined.  NASB


This chapter continues the series of prophecies that began in chapter 13 and continue until chapter twenty-three.

All are connected with the word, 'massa,' usually translated burden, but it also means prophecy, utterance, doom, heavy weight as in a burden too heavy to carry.

This prophecy is intended to convey the idea of extremely important information that carries with it the heavy burden of truth, the burden of conveying the information, and certainly the burden on the target of the information, which in this chapter happens to be Moab.

Moab is the region to the east of Judah. Its western boundary is the Dead Sea and the Jordon River and its eastern boundary is the Arabian Desert. Its northern boundary was Ammon and its southern boundary was Edom.

Moab was named after one of the two sons of Lot, Moab and Ammon, both of who were the result of an incestuous relationship between Lot and his two daughters. This relationship occurred after they fled the destruction of Sodom. Lots wife died by being turned into a pillar of salt, during the destruction of Sodom, as they fled Sodom.

Isaiah’s prophecy now turns to the east of Judah, and upon Moab, having finished the previous prophecy against Philistia, which was to the west of Judah.

Two ancient cities are mentioned here, Ar and Kir.

The location of Ar is uncertain. It is mentioned in Num. 21, and may have been a capital of Moab at one time, also called Rabbath, but that is not certain as far as archeology is concerned.

Kir means fortress and is thought to have been located on a mountain to the south of the country where it would have had good fortifications.

Both cities have long since been destroyed. Isaiah mentions them since they were once important cities, but now are gone.

In the night, refers to a time when most people are at rest and not necessarily expecting anything to happen to them. However, this also means that people can look to themselves in confidence and presume that nothing bad, certainly their own destruction, would never occur.

And that is the meaning taken on here.

Moab represents a people that have become content with their existence as it is, despite the destruction that is occurring all around them, as would be the case in the final days of history, during the Tribulation.

And as they are no longer around in history or even questionable in archeology, so too, when those final days of history arrive, these people and many like them, who have become acclimated to the ways of life, difficult at they will be during the Tribulation, will again be wiped away from history, to their utter surprise.

And the emphasis here is on their surprise when they should not have been surprised.

In the night, paints the picture of a people that do not see their own destruction coming and do not believe that their own destruction will come.

Now remember that when the Tribulation begins, with the Rapture ending our current dispensation, there will be a huge population of people, all unbelievers, remaining on this earth.

The restraint on sin will be lifted and the world will be left to run itself free as it pleases.

The first action of the world will be to take on a world leader who we call the anti-christ. That will come at the hand of violence and then life will deteriorate rapidly from there.

During the first half of those seven years, or the first, three-and-a-half years, of the Tribulation, literally half of the worlds population will die from starvation, disease, and extraordinary violence of every kind imaginable.

That statistic alone should tell someone that things are not right.

But here we have Moab as the example of a people who simply do not see all of the destruction of the world, as applying to them.

And so, surprise, surprise, in the night, which is not necessarily in the literal night, but can be, but at a time when you do not expect something, then it does rapidly come to visit you and overtake you.

And you are shocked by this?

In the night also refers to a rapid destruction.

Their destruction will occur fast, and it will be thorough. So thorough that there will be hardly enough time to even know that you are being destroyed, and, as the night is accompanied with darkness so that you cannot see it coming, then the destruction will be totally confusing like being caught up in a whirlwind, disoriented during the whole destructive process.

What happened? Where did that come from? These will be the attitude and response.

Confusion, terror, destruction and death is all around and you do not have the time to figure it all out it is all so rapid, and unexpected.

And such is the destiny of Moab, which is the description of the destiny of all evil peoples everywhere, who have looked to their world leader, for answers and help, but no help or answers will be there, ever, except that which they will have been witnessing for the seven years during the whole of the Tribulation, but have refused to see.

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