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Isaiah 15:9


9 For the waters [mayim] of Dimon [Diymown] shall be full [male'] of blood [dam]: for I will bring [shiyth] more [yacaph] upon Dimon [Diymown], lions ['ariy] upon him that escapeth [paleytah] of Moab [Mow'ab], and upon the remnant [sha'eriyth] of the land ['adamah].  KJV-Interlinear


9 For the waters of Dimon are full of blood; Surely I will bring added woes upon Dimon, A lion upon the fugitives of Moab and upon the remnant of the land.  NASB


The word for waters, ‘mayim,’ do not refer to the natural flow of a river, but is a euphemism for urine or waste water, or sewage waters.

In ancient times, rivers and creeks that run into them, were often times used for the removal and washing away of sewage.

Dimon is not a prominent city or village, although many historians believe that this is a reference to Diblon which was on the bank of the Arnon River, also referred to as the Amen. But it may also refer to the northern boundary of Moab, along the southern boundary of Ammon. However, these are just guesses.

Using the information included herein, and the meaning of the word, the reference simply means that the sewer waters will carry the sewage of Moab, and will flow with the blood of its inhabitants.

This describes such a great slaughter, that the entire population of the region will become like its own sewage, and the many creeks and streams and finally the rivers, will flow red with the blood of its people.

And that is not all.

Fugitives, is a reference to those who will try to run.

Remnant is a reference to those very few, that believe that they will have escaped to survive the devastation.

The lions, carries a dual meaning. On the one hand, it refers to invading warriors or gangs, and on the other hand, it refers to the natural wild life that is adversarial to human presence.

Let there be no mistake. The violence will be very real, and very extreme. The invading forces will kill and rape and torture, with the result in every case, being death. Needless to say that the invaders will get their judgment, too.

But so too, will nature get involved in the violence, as wild animals will become extremely ferocious and aggressive. And whether the wild involves dogs or lions or any other of a number of wild predators, any encounter with them will result in a summary death sentence which will not be pleasant.

And even though this chapter ends with the virtual annihilation of Moab and its people, we still have one more chapter, in the next chapter, which will describe even greater judgments against Moab, but it will also include a way out, which unfortunately very few, if any, will choose.

We have completed the study of fifteen chapters in Isaiah. They have been filled with warnings and promises and prophecies, all of which the many generations since Isaiah, have disregarded. Suffice to say that most probably the vast majority, if not well over ninety-percent of all peoples, are clueless as to the content of Isaiah.

And is it any wonder that all of these things will come to pass, as a result of mans own decisions and actions, even though they are foretold.

People throughout history, when encountering problems, have always asked the question. ‘How could this happen?’

Why do you suppose that is?

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End Of Lesson

Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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