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Isaiah 16:1


1 Send [shalach] ye the lamb [kar] to the ruler [mashal] of the land ['erets] from Sela [Cela`] to the wilderness [midbar], unto the mount [har] of the daughter [bath] of Zion [Tsiyown].  KJV-Interlinear


1 Send the tribute lamb to the ruler of the land, From Sela by way of the wilderness to the mountain of the daughter of Zion.  NASB


No matter what your wrongs might be in life, there is always a way out.

To those who believe that they have crossed some invisible line and cannot go back, only their own arrogance and stupidity prevents their recovery. God never prevents anyone from recovery, and certainly life’s barriers can be overcome, when one makes an effort.

Only for those who stubbornly refuse to change, is there a no recovery option, because they refuse to change or even try. Satan is the perfect example of someone who has lived for who knows how long, and has refused to change. As smart as he is supposed to be, he is the dumbest creature ever.

The word for lamb is plural and refers to fattened sheep ready for the slaughter. They are usually lambs that are submitted for sacrifice.

The lambs are the tribute money or a debt that is owing from one person to another. It is generally used in the form of tax, and herein is in reference to the taxes that were once paid by Moab to David, when David was king, and then to Judah after the nation of Israel was split. The payment was in the form of lambs, lots of lambs, tens of thousands of lambs.

David and Judah being the legitimate line of Christ and chosen people of God, to whom tribute was owed.

The ruler of the land, refers to the leader or king of Israel as the nation, to the city of Jerusalem which represents the city of peace, to the Jews representing the chosen people, all of whom are descended from Mt. Zion, the dwelling of God, represented by truth or the doctrine of the scriptures.

From Sela, is a reference to a city of rock, which is unknown and unidentified as to its location in Moab, but its meaning is that from the rock of spiritual strength, which refers to Christ and doctrine in the souls of the people, then tribute shall be paid in their obligation to the Lord, the true King of Israel. That tribute represented by the lambs of sacrifice, in the plural, meaning that many such people should be worshipping the Lord, the one true Lord, and their worship should be likewise pursued in the plural, meaning their daily study and dedication to their spiritual lives, for all of the days of their life.

To the wilderness, refers to the rest of the land, for it is the entire land that is corrupt and void of all doctrine. And so too, the world is void of truth.

The mount of the daughter of Zion, is a reference to the mountain within Jerusalem, for let there be no mistake that there is but one Zion, one mount, and one Jerusalem, all of which refer to, and point to, Jesus Christ.

There is no Mecca, no Baghdad, no Constantinople, no Rome, no Babylon, no other place that is representative of the source of truth or residence of God.

There is only one God, one Savior, one Christ (who is the Savior), one doctrine, one spiritual life, and one faith which brings it all together.

The people of Moab did not and will not turn to Christ. They will not pay their obligated tribute, or tax, or gift or whatever you want to call it. They will not study as mandated, will not learn and therefore will never have understanding, because understanding requires learning, which comes from a daily study. And therefore they will never have wisdom, which it the legitimate discerning between truth and the lies of life. They will never be responsible, for they will always have excuses as to their irresponsibility.

But they could change all of that!

The same principle applies to you and to all believers, and to all peoples everywhere.

Recognize Christ as the Savior, believe in Him. And then confess as often as is necessary in order to live your life in fellowship with God. And then pay your tribute.

And what is tribute?

It is your moment by moment obligation to put Gods information first and foremost in your life and to stick with it. Certainly we all have the obligation to be honest, to be generous, to be polite, to be responsible, to support the teaching of the Word of God, and many more things. But none of that matters if you have no functioning spiritual life. They all go together, and you cannot legitimately separate your choices out of the mix.

But, the key here is that the road to certain ruin for yourself is to get picky or indifferent toward God, Christ, doctrine and your obligations in life.

And as is pointed out, this tribute mentioned, which is really a reference to having a legitimate spiritual life toward Christ, who is the ultimate recipient from the ‘rock,’ spiritually mature believers, to the ‘rock,’ Christ, with doctrine being the common thread that links humanity to God.

Pursue these things and your life, regardless of your circumstances, will be a great life, especially in heaven.

Ignore these things and your life will not be so rosy, but far, far worse.

And it is exactly this indifference that will lead to the terrible things that are coming to the world, one day.

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End Of Lesson

Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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