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Isaiah 16:4


4 Let mine outcasts [nadach] dwell [guwr] with thee, Moab [Mow'ab]; be [hava'] thou a covert [cether] to them from the face [paniym] of the spoiler [shadad]: for the extortioner [muwts] is at an end ['aphec], the spoiler [shod] ceaseth [kalah], the oppressors [ramac] are consumed [tamam] out of the land ['erets].  KJV-Interlinear


4 "Let the outcasts of Moab stay with you; Be a hiding place to them from the destroyer." For the extortioner has come to an end, destruction has ceased, Oppressors have completely disappeared from the land.   NASB


Even though these verses apply to the final days of history, the principles of common decency apply to us all, and have applied to everyone throughout history. Unfortunately when people resist learning doctrine as it is supposed to be learned, then the head of evil is raised and atrocities and suffering and hardship occur against everyone.

The outcasts, is a reference to the Jewish people that will flee as refugees, as outcasts, as exiles from Judah or Israel, during those fateful final days of the Tribulation.

There will be such a huge population within Israel when the atrocities begin, that those few who do get out, will likely be so few in comparison, that all of the resources of the anti-christ will be focused on those remaining in Israel, such that those who do escape to Moab will have some semblance of a chance for escape.

This presumes that they will be able to find someone who will actually help them, rather than turning them in, as will likely happen to many. So just escaping does not mean that you have actually escaped, there will remain still many more dangers from untrustworthy people who will not help.

So, from all sides, the escapees will find few if any allies that will help them either initially or for the long haul. Remember that they will need to hide for three-and-a-half years, and that will not be easy, for many reasons. Some friends may not remain friends for that long, especially when they place themselves in great danger too.

To dwell with thee, does not mean to live there permanently, but is a reference to the duration of the time in which they need to hide from the anti-christ and his forces, not to mention other people who happen to dislike Jews.

A covert to them, means a refuge, a hiding place, a place of safety. This also refers to those who hide them will also provide for their needs as far as food, clothing, medicines and so forth, in addition to the secrecy of their hiding.

The spoiler, the extortioner, the oppressors, are terms that refer to anyone and everyone who are anti-Jew and are out to destroy them.

The spoiler refers to a powerful, burly force that is out to destroy the Jewish race.

The extortioner, refers to the constant and unyielding pursuit and pressure toward the destruction of the Jews.

The oppressor, refers to those who trodden or trample down, to grind into the ground.

And these three refer to the anti-christ, to the gangs, to the self-appointed vigilantes, all of whom have an overwhelming and unyielding and unrelenting hatred for the Jews.

But, their time is fast approaching an end, and then instead of destroying others, they themselves will be destroyed.

That has been true throughout history when all anti-Semitic types have met their end. But in the final days of history, they will come to a permanent end, to rise never again.

And that is the meaning of consumed, expensed, expended, gone, emptied out, no more. And when God finally brings history to an end, then evil will no longer exist.

So, you should never be obstinate or biased or hateful against anyone. But certainly never against Gods chosen.

To oppose God in any way in any form, is the quintessence of stupidity. How anyone can presume themselves as better than God is beyond stupidity. However, to reject God, to reject Gods mandates, to reject Gods expectations of you, your role, your designed destiny, your obligations to Him and to life in general is beyond senseless.

There is only one outcome for those who defy God. Do you really not know what that outcome is?

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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