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Isaiah 16:7


7 Therefore shall Moab [Mow'ab] howl [yalal] for Moab [Mow'ab], every one shall howl [yalal]: for the foundations ['ashiysh] of Kirhareseth [Qiyr Cheres] shall ye mourn [hagah]; surely they are stricken [nake'].   KJV-Interlinear


7 Therefore Moab shall wail; everyone of Moab shall wail. You shall moan for the raisin cakes of Kir-hareseth  As those who are utterly stricken.  NASB


Well the question previously posed, is answered. When you play games with God, pretend spirituality, outright reject God and Gods mandates for how you are to function within your daily spiritual life, don’t even bother to find out what those mandates are, then there is the heavy penalty on you for your mourning and rage and sorrow, and not your run of the mill day to day sorrows, but terrible howling overwhelmed grieving. The kind that brings you to tears, real tears and trembling and fear.

This is something that most people probably have never really experienced. But, continue indifference toward God and His mandated daily study of the scriptures, and you will.

Moab is our example. And even though they did exist way back in Isaiah’s day, and finally ceased to exist as a nation in the centuries following, that same geographical region still exists and the population of that region in the future, will be filled with people that will do exactly the same things that was done many, many centuries ago.

And what they will not do in the future during the Tribulation, is that they will not pay tribute to the King of Israel, they will not give aid and sanctuary to the fleeing Jews in that future time, and in effect, they will not abide by the advice of God, given herein.

So, will Israel have a King in the future? Yes. That King if Jesus Christ.

Will He be on the throne here on earth during the Tribulation? No.

So how can they pay tribute to the King?

Well, we have already studied that, and it means simply that they will not believe in Christ, they will not study the scriptures daily even after believing in Christ, they will virtually ignore God and Gods mandates for the spiritual life, they will refuse to give shelter to the fleeing Jews during that latter half of the Tribulation, not to mention that they will not support Christianity in any sense of the word.

In short they will turn up their nose toward Christ, all the while looking toward the anti-christ.

Rejecting truth in favor of the lies of the world always turns to violence as well as social injustice toward others.

And in the Tribulation these things will turn extremely ugly. For that, they will suffer the penalty and punishment for their indiscretions.

Howl Moab for Moab, is a phrase that simply means that the entire country is in tremendous sorrow, lamentation, weeping, mourning, grieving.

The foundations, is a reference to that on which a thing is setting. And in this case, the people of Moab have placed their faith in the wrong things.

Kirhareseth, is a city, that no long exists. The word means wall of potshards, or bricks, fortress of earthenware, and it comes to mean that the people have placed their confidence and trust in the things of the world, things that are temporary, things that can melt away under a simple rain storm.

And that is what the details of this world really are. They are temporary and can be taken away with very little effort.

If you are older, then do you still have the things that you had decades ago? Probably not.

If you are young, then wait a few decades and count the things of today that you still have. Probably none of them.

And certainly when you leave this world, you will have nothing of this world, with you, losing it all.

Trust in the world and you trust in nothing.

Stricken, ‘nake,’ means severely broken, afflicted, wounded with fatal consequences. Their state is dire and their future is non-existent. And this they brought upon themselves for not pursuing the truth, but instead preferred their easy, non-committal life, detached from the realities of life, thinking that they could coast through life with no consequences for their choices.

And that is the principle that we all need to learn. God has given us all an opportunity to have a completed life, but we have to follow His rules, not ours. We have to abide by His mandates, not invent our own.

And in short, He expects us to pursue a daily study under instruction, in order to learn and develop our spiritual life. And that is so simple, it is astounding how so many seem to miss it, even reject it, and therefore will lose out on phenomenal blessings in favor of phenomenal sorrows.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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