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Isaiah 19:5


5 And the waters [mayim] shall fail [nashath] from the sea [yam], and the river [nahar] shall be wasted [charab] and dried up [yabesh].  KJV-Interlinear


5 And the waters from the sea will dry up, And the river will be parched and dry.   NASB


A quick note from yesterday’s study. The discord and anarchy being described in these verses has not yet taken place, and still is not yet in the cross hairs of history. Egypt has had its periods of stability and instability, but these verses describe a level of chaos that will be unprecedented in all of Egypt's history.

Reading this verse and the next five verses, the descriptions of Egypt’s troubles get progressively worse.

On the one hand, the troubles of drought and famine can contribute to economic downturns and then to civil unrest, but so too, civil unrest can contribute to economic instabilities.

When society is destabilized either by weather, disaster, or civil disorder, the economy always suffers. History demonstrates this in many nations in Africa, where the resources are vast, but civil unrest prevents agriculture and manufacturing and any sort of normal economic function. So, the people to a great extent, are responsible many times, for their own troubles. A nation with civil order, is able to innovate and irrigate and come up with economic solutions and produce. But not so with Egypt in those final days of history.

And as we will eventually study, this situation will not be unique to Egypt only, in those future days. The entire planet will be in a world of hurt for many reasons. Remember from our Revelation study, literally half of the entire worlds population will die in those first three-and-a-half years of the Tribulation due to many different problems such as wars, crime, gangs, famine, disease, starvation, natural disasters and on and on goes the list of problems.

This is just the description of Egypt’s problems.

The river, or sea, is a reference to the Nile, long seen as the life blood of the nation. The word for sea, ‘yam,’ refers to a large river which is often times called a sea. Back in those days, the Nile was huge. And at flood stage, was really huge.

The Nile brings both blessings and curses economically. When its waters do not flood because of low rainfall from deeper in Africa, then it does not bring the rejuvenating soils to the agriculture fields. When the rain fall is too much and the flood waters do not recede in a timely fashion, then planting is delayed and growing season as well as the harvests are smaller.

But in this verse, and in the verses coming up, the description is not of too much water, but of far too little rainfall.

The reference to a sea, meaning a large body of water, will have so little water, that it will no longer be a sea.

The reference to the river, meaning the Nile, will be very low on water for its entire length. Many parts of it will be dried up. Agriculture, fishing, and even transportation along the river will cease.

Production will drop off, and unemployment will rise sharply, and the anarchy previously described will be perpetuated until that strong king, the anti-christ, intervenes and ceases control over the region.

Remember too, from our study of the Armageddon campaign, that the anti-christ needs this region stabilized to some extent, because he is going to unite the forces to the south in order to have them initiate an invasion from the south, which is a diversion, followed by the invasion from the north which will sweep through all of Palestine, double cross the southern forces, annihilating them completely, and all of this followed by the invasions from forces from the east and the west, leaving rivers of blood as high as the horses bridle for hundreds of miles.

And even prior to all of that, the new temple in Jerusalem will be dedicated at the mid-point of the Tribulation, meaning that there will be some semblance of peace, even though it will be a false peace, which means that the region will be brought under control during the first half of the Tribulation.

But all of that cannot occur if the Middle East is totally unstable. And remember too, that the whole Tribulation is all happening in the space of just seven years, which is a very short time frame given the magnitude of all that is going to happen worldwide during those seven years.

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