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Isaiah 19:12


12 Where ['ay] are they? where ['ephow] are thy wise [chakam] men? and let them tell [nagad] thee now, and let them know [yada`] what the LORD [Yahovah] of hosts [tsaba'] hath purposed [ya`ats] upon Egypt [Mitsrayim].  KJV-Interlinear


12 Well then, where are your wise men? Please let them tell you, And let them understand what the Lord of hosts Has purposed against Egypt.  NASB


Fools believe with all their heart, that life is an accident or that they create their own life and future by means of their own decisions and brilliance. Fools do not listen, do not read, do not study, do not consider anything beyond their own beliefs. Some look to life through who you know, what you can do, how much hustle you put into it, or just a bit of luck, good or bad, from time to time.

And when the, you know what, hits the fan, then where are they? Where is their wisdom? Where is their plan? Where is their solution? And they have none. None that work, anyway.

These words were written hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years ago, by Isaiah, given to him by God, who is Jesus Christ.

These words apply to a time that, even in our current day, is still future.

Jesus Christ controls history.

He looked down through the long tunnel of time and saw everything that could happen and will happen. You never want to bet against God, because He already knows the outcome of everything.

And even when He discloses to us, what is going to happen, we still cannot change that outcome.

Even when we draw closer and closer to the end of our dispensation, when people are looking more and more to the Rapture, there will still be a huge population that will ignore and reject Christ, and thus remain here on the earth when all believers are removed in a twinkling of an eye.

They, all unbelievers, will remain behind on the earth and will have to live through the absolute worst seven years in all of history. And most of them will not make it that long.

And even while the worst of the worst of history is unfolding right before their very eyes, the wise, the so called wise will be clueless as to why it is all happening.

Oh, they will come up with some explanation as to weather change or society change or environment change, and therefore the need for more social reform, which means more laws to regulate people, as well as laws to blame certain people. And it will all fail, even making matters worse for the world.

None will consider God, or any deity, except the anti-christ who will place worship demands on them, which means compliance to the laws that will be passed, or else.

None will consider doctrine. None will consider the prophecies that have been in writing since forever, so to speak.

And yet, Isaiah states it very clear, ‘Consider Gods plans.’

For God proposes history long before it occurs, and man, that means you, do exactly what God predicts, often times even knowing what is coming.

Ah, but you say, ‘Who me?’

And yet you and everyone, do not comply with Gods mandates, do not follow Gods principles, do not hold dear that which God has placed on your table, as to your responsibilities and obligations, to self, to family, to others, to God. And knowing all of this, you, and that means we all of us, fail, some more often than others. And yet we know!

And as to the unbelievers who you would expect to not know any of this, they fail because they reject truth in favor of the lies of life. They can see the truth, but they are controlled by their own interests in passion, in things, in lusts of every type. They favor the drives of their sin nature which can be both ascetic or lascivious. They are indifferent.

And because very few consider Gods place in all of this, then that is why the future is going to be what it is going to be, which is to say, just as God states in these prophecies.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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