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Isaiah 23:13


13 Behold the land ['erets] of the Chaldeans [Kasdiy]; this people [`am] was not, till the Assyrian ['Ashshuwr] founded [yacad] it for them that dwell in the wilderness [tsiyiy]: they set up [quwm] the towers [bachiyn] thereof, they raised up [`arar] the palaces ['armown] thereof; and he brought [suwm] it to ruin [mappalah].  KJV-Interlinear


13 Behold the land of the Chaldeans! This is the people that was not; Assyria destined it for wild beasts. They erected their siege towers, they stripped her palaces bare, they made her a ruin.  ESV


And now Isaiah gives an example of history, which at this point in Isaiah’s life, has not yet occurred, but will occur.

The Chaldeans refer to the Babylonians.

They were nothing before they existed. They came up out of the Assyrian Empire, but were nothing while the Assyrians existed.

Then the child, the daughter, which refers to the Babylonians, arose up and destroyed the Assyrians.

Both empires started out in the wilderness. They both built up towers and palaces and cities and such things. They each in their turn, became powers. The second more powerful than the first.

With each succeeding empire, the power and grandness increased.

And yet where are they all today? Gone.

No more Assyria. No more Babylon. And we could easily add to this verse, no more Persia, Greeks, Romans and on and on.

Throughout all of history, every empire in history, has fallen into oblivion and has vanished.

And so the question being posed is this. If all of these, great and powerful empires have risen and then vanished, then what chance does Tyre have of survival?

If God removed all of the empires of the past, then what chance does any empire have against God?

And even though each subsequent empire brought down the former, it was Gods design, not mans, that allowed it to happen.

And so, since Tyre represents the economies of the world, economies that originated by Gods design, and then will be changed by mans regulatory design, then the one world economy concept, which is in itself a form of empire, has no chance of survival.

And its fall, will be due to its false principles that its foundation is built upon.

All empires were built with arrogance and lust. Whether it is the Assyrians or the liberal politicians, makes no difference. Arrogance and the drive of lust for power and authority all result in the same thing. Namely utter disaster. And when the end of the world finally arrives, that fall of the entire worlds economy, will be the worst disaster of them all, for everyone. The suffering will be extreme and horrendous, and beyond description.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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Daily Bible Study
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