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Isaiah 24:5


5 The earth ['erets] also is defiled [chaneph] under the inhabitants [yashab] thereof; because they have transgressed [`abar] the laws [towrah], changed [chalaph] the ordinance [choq], broken [parar] the everlasting [`owlam] covenant [bariyth].   KJV-Interlinear


5 The earth lies defiled under its inhabitants; for they have transgressed the laws, violated the statutes, broken the everlasting covenant.   ESV


Here in this verse and the next, assuming that you actually read this study, you should commit to memory because when so many ask why this world and life are so difficult, the answer is given here through Isaiah.

The earth is defiled, ‘chaneph,’ means defiled or polluted, but it also means deceitful or to be wicked or false.

Just as God created the universe to be a place for habitation and it was destroyed by Satan’s sin, and the eventual sin of all of the angels, then so too, when God created the Garden of Eden for a place of habitation and endless provision, that too was destroyed by Adam and Eve by means of their sin.

And now we know that the world that we live in was intended to provide for all of our needs, as a basic understanding or arrangement between man and earth. An arrangement established by God through His ordinances.

However, man has sinned continually and has thus violated that arrangement through mans violation of Gods ordinances. And not only violated Gods ordinances, ordinances between man and the natural laws of the world, but man has gone so far as to superimpose his own rules, that perpetuate and escalate the decline of the world.

This has nothing to do with the environment, but everything to do with mans sins and rejection of God, rejection of Christ, rejection of Gods natural laws, which we call the Laws of Divine Establishment.

Under its inhabitants, refers to humanity. We are the cause of the earths decline.

What used to be plush forests and lakes and such, and are now deserts, all occurred long before modern industry.

It is not mans burning of camp fires or pollution that is the cause of the worlds decline, it is mans sins and continuance in those sins, or the fundamental rejection of Gods original ordinances.

Laws, ‘towrah,’ and ordinances, ‘chalaph,’ refer to all of the rules and commandments and moral codes of the Mosaic Law, but more than that, they refer to all of the rules God has handed down to man since Adam.

This is the entire embodiment of right, which has been fundamentally rejected and changed by man.

Examples of crime, homosexuality, socialism, self-righteousness and so forth are only a few of the many results caused by mans indifference toward truth, which man has refused to learn by refusing to engage in a daily study, or has rejected outright in favor of more convenient or enticing agendas.

But mans rejection also has overflowed into the world as a planet of perpetual provision. And it is that provision which has been deficient and in decline.

Now note one important principle. When Christ returns and establishes His kingdom, the earth will again become an abundant source of provision for all of that 1000 year period, and for a world population that will far exceed anything we have today.

So, do not get the idea that the world is running out of resources. It is man who is running out of truth.

The everlasting covenant, ‘bariyth,’ is the third term used in this verse to represent the time frame over which Gods laws span, namely forever. And this incorporates all laws of nature, all laws of justice, all laws of righteousness, which are immutable inflexible and perpetual.

And, since we are studying the prophecies that point to the eventual total destruction of the entire planet, we can now know that it is man who is responsible for his own destruction.

Man establishes government regulations, man establishes social compromises, man does virtually everything that leads to not only the rebellion of the planet, but to all of the problems that exist in life.

So, the next time someone makes a righteous sounding statement demanding why God allows this or that, then now you can respond to them that it is they who are responsible because of their indifference and lack of truth, not God.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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