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Daily Bible Study

Isaiah 26:19


19 Thy dead [muwth] men shall live [chayah], together with my dead body [n@belah] shall they arise [quwm]. Awake [quwts] and sing [ranan], ye that dwell [shakan] in dust [`aphar]: for thy dew [tal] is as the dew [tal] of herbs ['owrah], and the earth ['erets] shall cast out [naphal] the dead [rapha'].   KJV-Interlinear


19 Your dead shall live; their bodies shall rise. You who dwell in the dust, awake and sing for joy! For your dew is a dew of light, and the earth will give birth to the dead.   ESV


This is a resurrection passage in the Old Testament. The words for dead and dead body, respectively, ‘muwth,’ and ‘nabelah,’ refer to dead things, carrion, decaying and putrid.

Live and arise, speak of life, to recover, to repair, to restore.

And so we have here the declaration of a resurrection, which will occur in the end times, and at the time when Christ returns in the Second Advent. That principle is addressed in verse 21, which is still a couple of studies way.

But for now, the dew of the herbs, is symbolic, of the rising of herbs in the spring after a long winter where they have every attribute of appearing dead, dried up and useless. But in the spring the dew, or moisture of the earth restores their life and they return again to the living.

Our dew, however, is not the dew of the earth but the dew of the Spirit, which is the dew not of water but of light. And it is the Holy Spirit who will restore life, when that future time arrives.

The earth, which again holds the dead, will give them up, and will not be able to prevent their life from returning.

Now, on the one hand we have a Messiah who will come and secure salvation, and then return again to complete judgment and then establish the Kingdom of God on earth.

This return means that He has to leave in order to return.

The return, which we call the Second Advent, will be the time of the resurrection for Old Testament believers.

Remember that we as church age believers will have our resurrection at the Rapture, and we will return with Christ at the Second Advent. The seven years of the Tribulation separates our resurrection, from the resurrection of the Old Testament believers.

Christ was the first resurrection, ours is the second resurrection, the Old Testament believers will be the third resurrection, and the millennial believers will be the fourth and final resurrection at the end of the Millennium.

These four resurrections are the first group.

There is a second group, which will be all unbelievers who will be raised up and brought before Christ at the Great White Throne at the end of the Millennium, and from there, all those condemned, will be thrown into the Lake of Fire, forever.

Then, this universe will be destroyed and a new universe will be created and then eternity will begin and continue forever.

When the resurrection occurs there will be great singing and celebration, needless to say.


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