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Daily Bible Study
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Daily Bible Study

Isaiah 28:14


14 Wherefore hear [shama`] the word [dabar] of the LORD [Y@hovah], ye scornful [latsown] men ['enowsh], that rule [mashal] this people [`am] which is in Jerusalem [Y@ruwshalaim].   KJV-Interlinear


14 Therefore hear the word of the LORD, you scoffers, who rule this people in Jerusalem!   ESV


Why do we have the scriptures? Why do we study them? Then why do so many float on by without any effort or commitment in looking at, or learning, or daily studying, seemingly oblivious to the importance of learning doctrine? But here we have the command and the reprimand and the warning.

Therefore hear.

But no one hears. No one listens. Doctrine is within the grasp of everyone, but too many are fogged over within their own understanding and do not recognize seemingly unable to comprehend, the importance of spiritual growth.

Hear, ‘shama,’ means of listen, look up, take notice, focus on what is being said.

Pay attention.

And who is to listen? Who is to pay attention?

We all are. Because this life will not last and the next life is going to last for all of eternity. Something that none of us can comprehend. And something that all of us need to be prepared for, but that preparation comes only through the study of the Word of God, and by no other means.

And this is addressed to scoffers, but who is a scoffer? Anyone and everyone who disregards the importance of Bible doctrine.

You don’t have to be openly critical or opinionated against the Bible in order to be a scoffer. If you are indifferent, then you scoff. If you are apathetic, then you scoff. If you see no need for ‘you’ to study, then you scoff. If you float on by as though you were a mindless blonde (so to speak), then you scoff. If you hear doctrine, but do not connect the dots as far as your responsibility as a student of the Word, then you scoff. If you play the pick and choose game, deciding on what you will or will not listen to, or will or will not do, then you scoff.

In short, if you do not dedicate your entire life, your daily life, to a daily study, which by the way probably takes most folks just a few minutes out of their day, then you are a disobedient and worthless and unfaithful, servant of the Lord. Even being offended at these words is enough to prove these words.

Who rule the people of Jerusalem.

This is directed at all leadership. From national leadership, right down to the individual person who leads the thinking of their own soul.

In this world, we have not seen a competent or enlightened national leadership for a very long time. And even if you examined them all, then all leaders fail in one respect or another. Certainly in our current day, leadership is at its lowest level, ethically, morally, and spiritually. Especially spiritually.

But then who puts these people in power? And that is where the fault lies. The failure is all up and down the scale of society.

And the failure is there because people do not hear, ‘shama.’ Therefore, trouble will come just as certain as the sun will rise the next morning.

So, you can number yourself with all of those who scoff, by doing virtually nothing, or you can change and listen and then learn.

But then the commitment! Oh, the commitment!

Who can possibly commit themselves to a huge commitment of a five or ten minute study each day? And then, possibly even think about the daily study at other times during the day. Is that even possible?

And why?

The blessings are endless when the person dedicates themselves to a daily study, to spiritual growth, to maturity and the fulfillment of their meaning and purpose in this life and beyond. Not to mention the rewards of eternity which are beyond imagination.

But then, who would want all of that and more?


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End Of Lesson

Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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