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Job 1:9



9 Then Satan [satan] answered [`anah] the LORD [Yahovah], and said ['amar], Doth Job ['Iyowb] fear [yare'] God ['elohiym] for nought [chinnam]? KJV-Interlinear



9 Then Satan answered the LORD, 'Does Job fear God for nothing? NASB

Satan asks in general, if Job respects and is in awe of God, because of pure love, or is there some other reason that Job worships God.

Does Job or anyone for that matter, base their feelings and beliefs on what their circumstances of life are? Or, are their beliefs steadfast regardless of their circumstances?

Are you happy when things are going good for you, and angry when things are not going good for you? Do your feelings and attitude change with your situation in this life? Is your life a roller coaster ride of happiness then depression?

Job will be the ultimate test. Job is extremely wealthy, and extremely successful.

Is this the reason that Job worships God? Is God a convenient object of worship when one is rich? Likewise, is God a convenient target of complaint when things do not go well in life?

Does God owe us a life? Do we deserve, or can we earn our right to wealth and prosperity in life?

When we are successful or lucky in life, is it due to our abilities and do we deserve the credit, or is it due to Gods provision? If we are unsuccessful or unlucky in life, is that due to our fault, and should we blame ourselves, or is it Gods fault? Why did God place us on this earth anyway? If not to be happy and content with our life, during this life, then what?

Are we willing to worship God in all circumstances, or only when things are going well for us?

Is our worship tied to our prosperity? Do we worship only because there is a promise of compensation, or blessing, or favors? Or, is our worship selfish and based on mercenary values? Only recognizing God when He blesses us.

Is our worship based on gratitude, because we have been delivered from some type of accident, or illness, or problem? Does gratefulness drive our attitude, because we have received something?

If any of these are the case, then Satan's question is valid. Is our worship or charity, based on receiving something, or tied to our good fortune alone? And therefore, if so, then our worship is phony.

Satan here, implies that no one will worship God, if God turns His own hand against them, And here is the contempt and hypocrisy of Satan.

God is good. God is perfect. God wishes only the very best for humanity and all of creation. God does not arbitrarily turn His back on creation, nor arbitrarily inflict suffering onto people.

Satan takes his own beliefs and attitudes and superimposes them onto God. Satan will treat people with fickle and arbitrary misery. Satan is corrupt and evil. God is not.

True faith is not mere gratitude for blessings received, nor is it dependent on ones circumstances. True faith exists for the genuine love of that which is right and true, and fair and just. And God is the source of all that is right and true, and fair and just. True faith desires freedom and prosperity, and security and happiness for others as well as self. True faith is an aching to the very center of the soul, for that which is good, and the elimination of that which is evil.

In challenging Job's motives, Satan discloses his own selfish motives. Evil always accuses others of that of which evil itself, is guilty.

Faith never judges, never challenges, never complains, never accuses, in any area of life in which it has no right to do so.

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