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Job 1:12



12 And the LORD [Yahovah] said ['amar] unto Satan [satan], Behold, all that he hath is in thy power [yad]; only upon himself put not forth [shalach] thine hand [yad]. So Satan [satan] went forth [yatsa'] from the presence [paniym] of the LORD [Yahovah]. KJV-Interlinear



12 Then the LORD said to Satan, 'Behold, all that he has is in your power, only do not put forth your hand on him.' So Satan departed from the presence of the LORD. NASB

Satan arrived at the assembly, made his argument, received his permissions, and left.

This alone should tell us all something. Of all people, Satan should have learned something. And that is simply that Satan has no real power, except that which God permits.

In fact, you can expand this principle to all creatures. None of us possess any real power, except for that which God permits. For all of the celebrities, for all of the politicians, for all the criminals, for all the tyrants, for everyone who has ever lived and breathed in history, nothing has occurred except by Gods will.

Jesus Christ controls history. He does this in three ways.

First, God can do things directly. He created the universe. He creates life when each person is born into this world. Second, God does things indirectly. He controls history thorough the laws of divine establishment. He provides influence over the thinking of individuals who learn truth and thus their actions can be influenced toward making the proper decisions in life. Third, God can control history through His permissive will. In this, He allows the free will of humanity to make its own decisions. Good can be good, criminals can be criminals, voters can vote according to their own beliefs regardless of whether they are right decisions or wrong ones.

Satan has complained to God, about Job. Job has done nothing wrong. Satan does not like that. Satan could easily have ignored Job, and let him live out his life. But evil is never satisfied with the lives of others. Evil will always try to run the lives of others, subordinate them to itself, even destroy them, such that evil can have its own way.

Evil seeks its own security in the misery of others.

Again, Job has done nothing wrong. God will not lift his hand against Job, because there is no reason to do so. Satan, on the other hand, is not interested in fairness, he is not interested in justice, he is not interested in the welfare of Job or his family, or his property, or his animals, or his employees.

Satan will go to great lengths, even to inflicting great harm against people and animals, just to prove a point to God. A point, which is nothing more than an opinion. That opinion being that Job only worships God because Job has been given great wealth.

So now, the challenge is made. If Job was to lose his wealth, then what would his reaction be toward God.

Why does God even accept this challenge? Because we are now being taught a very real lesson in life.

Human history is not an accident of evolution, but a purposeful response to the angelic conflict. Human history is the solution to the angelic conflict.

Satan has been convicted and he has been sentenced to the Lake of Fire. His sentence has not yet been carried out. He is in effect appealing his sentence. Human history is that appeal process.

Satan complains and that is his argument pattern for human history. Satan wants to be like the most high, and yet he can do nothing unless he has Gods permission. Satan complains about one thing and then another.

Satan's premise is that no one will worship God, unless they are blessed greatly by God. Satan has tried to rule the world using six empires in the past. He has failed in every attempt. God has controlled the history of this world despite Satan's ongoing attempts to sabotage all that God has done. And God has controlled history using as little as the written word.

God has controlled history in the past through patriarch family leaders, such as Job, such as Abraham. God has used prophets and priests. God, in our own dispensation, is using only the written word combined with the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit, to control history.

When the Rapture occurs, the Holy Spirit will be withdrawn, and God will still control history, while simultaneously Satan will fail and even bring humanity to near extinction.

Human history is one very long never-ending series of complaints and challenges from Satan. If this then that.

God gave Satan permission to take only Job's wealth and family. Satan does not hesitate to do so.

History, is not humanity working independently in this universe, defining and designing his own destiny.

History is the free will thinking of humanity, functioning within the framework of the angelic conflict, while still under the complete control of Jesus Christ.

All evil, all sin, all thinking and activities in this world, are based on the pattern of Satan's agenda. Though we never see Satan, nor have any direct contact with him, Satan is behind all that is bad.

Eve, was fooled through the serpent, an animal that was nothing more than a talking pet. Job had no clue as to what was about to be unleashed against him. Satan's hand was in both.

Evil extends its tentacles into human history through false philosophies, false theories, false beliefs, false sciences, and mans thoughts and actions are influenced by those patterns of thinking.

Everything that is false, never, repeat never looks after your best interests.

I heard on the news today, a report of the latest threat from the terrorists in Iraq. They won't stop until the White House and Jerusalem are both destroyed.

The White House represents the greatest freedom, greatest prosperity, and the greatest power on earth in our present day. Jerusalem has always represented the one true God, Jesus Christ, who is the source of that freedom, prosperity and power.

From where do you suppose all of this hate originates? And why?

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