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Job 3:11-12



11 Why died [muwth] I not from the womb [rechem]? why did I not give up the ghost [gava`] when I came out [yatsa'] of the belly [beten]?

12 Why did the knees [berek] prevent [qadam] me? or why the breasts [shad] that I should suck [yanaq]? KJV-Interlinear



11 'Why did I not die at birth, Come forth from the womb and expire? 12 'Why did the knees receive me, And why the breasts, that I should suck? NASB

Job cannot go back in time and change the calendar. He cannot prevent or extinguish the day of his birth. He cannot wipe from history the night of his conception nor the activities of his parents. He cannot enlist the powers of the sorcerers, because their powers simply do not exist. He can't halt the revolution of planet earth around the sun. He can't turn back the calendar and halt time.

When a person is really hurting, the thought process borders on the absurd, but not because of being crazy, but because the pain manifests the magnitude of ones helplessness in this life.

Helplessness is really the status of all of our lives, regardless of our circumstances. We don't have to be in pain, we just have to have been born.

So Job now takes a look at another aspect of his life. The very earliest point in time that he can die, following life.

In verse eleven, he will wish that he had died immediately after birth. In verse sixteen, he will wish that he had been a miscarriage, and therefore never have come into existence.

Once born, a person lives and is subject to the trials and pressures of life. But if the infant dies immediately, or soon after the birth, then the trials and pressures of life are never known by the baby.

Job could have come out of the womb, taken his first breath and died. He would still be in the plan of God for humanity. For all it takes to live is that one first breath. God imputes human life into a human soul at the point of birth. Those are your second components of life, in your life.

Your first components are biological life in a physical body, which begins when your momma and daddy knew each other, in the Biblical sense. Your physical body is the vessel and biological life is the living aspect of your physical body. The first two living cells, which come from each of your parents respectively, begin the process of forming your physical self, while inside your mothers' womb.

Your physical body is incapable of sustaining itself, so God gave us all umbilical cords such that we can obtain our life support from our mothers.

But once born, that life support from momma is cut off, and now we either receive a new mechanism of life support, or we are said to be still born, with no life ever having entered into us.

That replacement life support is Gods gift of human life imputed into a human soul, both of which are inserted into our physical body, giving it life support for the duration of our days on this earth.

When we die, our physical body goes back to the elements from whence it came. That is the biological portion. The body decays into corruption, and biological life ceases. Our human life in the soul, goes back to God from whence it originated. That is why we are said to be absent from the body. The soul and human life are not a part of the physical body, therefore they will never decay or rot as the physical body does after death.

The soul, with its human life inside, continue onto forever life and will be assigned an appropriate eternal reward or judgment, depending on whether one has believed in Christ, or not.

Now one small technical aspect comes into play here. God is fair. God is not unfair o anyone who has never grown to an age of responsibility. That is the age in which a person knows of God, knows of the Savior, and has made a conscious decision to reject the Savior.

All babies are saved automatically. That lesson comes from the study of David, when he lost his first child. But Job emphasizes it here through the results of dying as an infant. But we need a few more verses to develop this entire principle. Yet basically, common sense should give you a clear view of life. Be careful when getting emotional over ideas that you might find offensive to your traditional beliefs.

Whether you accept or reject anything, it is always better to keep an open mind until such time as you discover further proof for or against, any Biblical principle.

Here Job clearly states his understanding of life after emerging from the womb. Those friends who are with him, will not disagree with his basic understanding. Back in Job's time, even without the modern medical sciences we have today, folks knew of the basic principles of life.

People do not create human life. People only perpetuate biological life. God and God alone creates human life. God appoints and inserts each of our lives into history as he sees fit. Over this, we have no say, and neither do our parents. The very best that humanity can boast about is the creation of a blob of flesh. God gives it life.

But once born, and breathing, we are in the hands of our mother. Job again complains that if his mother had not taken him as an infant into her arms, onto her knees, and nursed him, then he would have died of starvation.

She could easily have discarded him, to let him expire. But she did not of course.

If his mother hand not cared for him, then death would have soon followed.

No infant can seize control over life without the support from some other source. No human being can seize control over life without receiving support from God.

Just as an infant requires support, so too, humanity requires support from another and higher source.

Neither will live, without that support. You cannot exist in this life without support from God. Whether you accept it or not, whether you know of it or not, just as the infant has no mental cognizance of its circumstances, your life is totally dependant on God. And God can either accept you onto his knees, or He can toss you aside.

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