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Job 3:26



26 I was not in safety [shalah], neither had I rest [shaqat], neither was I quiet [nuwach]; yet trouble [rogez] came [bow']. KJV-Interlinear



26 'I am not at ease, nor am I quiet, And I am not at rest, but turmoil comes.' NASB

A rather confusing verse, but what Job is basically saying, is that he is not aware of anything he has done to bring this adversity onto himself.

Job is not conscious of any degree of negligence on his part, in observing his spiritual life. He does not believe that his prosperity offered him so much security, that he had become relaxed, or quiet, or so much at ease, that he had become lax within his spiritual life.

Job is well versed in the vanities and troubles of the world in which he was born. He realized that his birth into such a world did not bring him safety nor rest within his environment.

Job was mindful of his affairs, of his responsibilities, of his obligations, and he feels that he pursued those things with more than adequate respect, such that he was able to maintain his guard against any and all threats that the world posed.

Recall that Job was so mindful of his children, that he fulfilled confessional offerings in their behalf, lest they offend God by their sins and come to a bad state. Job was mindful of his servants. Job was mindful of his trading partners and customers. He was mindful of his own health.

He had not considered himself so secure, nor indulged himself in the ease and softness of life, he had not trusted in his wealth, nor flattered himself in his own accomplishments, with the hopes of perpetuating forever, his lifestyle and self-amusement.

In his own mind, these things, these adversities, which have pounded him in recent weeks, came upon him for no obvious reason. Certainly for no reason which he has caused.

Therefore, the big question in his mind. Why? Why me? Why have all of these things happened to me?

God has described Job to Satan, as 'blameless and upright.' 'There is no one like him in all the earth.'

So the application of this principle for you and me. If Job was above and beyond any of us, and yet Job was hammered as he was, then how much more do any of us deserve being hammered in this world? Or, how much less can we avoid adversity during our life on this earth?

Who among us are better than Job? Who among us have earned or deserve better than Job?

Job was an upstanding person, and yet turmoil came into his life.

In the remainder of the book, we will be bombarded with one opinion after another. If there is one thing that humanity is not short of, it is opinions.

You might even ask yourself, 'If Job was so good, and yet was pounded as he was, then what is the point of being good?' Hummm! Is that a legitimate question or an absurd one? What type of person would leap to such a conclusion?

Everyone will have their say. Everyone will have their shot as to why these things have happened to Job. Job will be judged, criticized, blamed, accused, and challenged to take responsibility for his flaws. After all, an upright person should never see such hardships in life. Only bad people receive these kinds of hardships. Right?

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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