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Job 5:8-9



8 I would seek ['uwlam] [darash] unto God ['el], and unto God ['elohiym] would I commit [suwm] my cause [dibrah]:

9 Which doeth [`asah] great things [gadowl] and unsearchable ['ayin] [cheqer]; marvellous things [pala'] without number [micpar]: KJV-Interlinear



8 'But as for me, I would seek God, And I would place my cause before God; 9 Who does great and unsearchable things, Wonders without number. NASB

Eliphaz now suggests that if it were him who was being so punished, he would take his case to God.

Good advice in general, but all too often those who give advice to others who are in misery, have never experienced that misery themselves. Many pieces of advice are easier said than done.

In this particular case, it is one successful man giving advice to another wealthy man. Job has lost his wealth, while Eliphaz has not. We presume that Eliphaz has some degree of success under his belt, since he is a near friend to Job, and was received by Job in his home. Eliphaz has assumed the spokesman position of the three friends that have thus far been identified.

A person who has actually experienced problems in life, and has survived them, can be a far better counselor, than a person who has not.

Despite that, the advice is still legitimate. When any of us find ourselves in trouble, the very first place we should turn, is to God in prayer. That said, we all should understand that life's solutions do not occur instantly, and therefore patience which is manufactured by spiritual growth, is essential in order to survive through whatever ordeal you might face in life.

Eliphaz's advice is good, however would he indeed follow his own advice, if life suddenly turned on him?

And that is the question for each one of us. Assuming that we have some degree of security in life now, how would we react if life suddenly turned its full force against us?

Right now, I am setting at a desk with a not so bright battery lamp, typing this lesson. A storm has swept through the Pacific Northwest, knocking out power, phones, and such, and that has brought a huge inconvenience to a lot of folks up here. I am typing this on a Sunday evening, and our phones and power have been out since last Thursday evening.

The generator is going, the house is cold, the water is just a trickle, and the family is dressed in heavy clothes. And, there are folks that are worse off than us. The news is that we still have several days to look forward to our camping experience, and the temperature outside is going to drop below 30 degrees Fahrenheit tonight. Freezing is at 32.

So, from actual experience I can give good advice to future folks that might be faced with such a storm. But there is far more to advice than just having the batteries and sweaters handy. There is the emotional aspect to suffering through difficulties.

For some folks, suffering might go on for years, instead of just days. For some folks knowing that the power will be on soon, might not exist. Their solution might not be so easy.

When giving advice, then consider two things. First, you do not know the will of God, and second, not knowing Gods will for that person means that the obvious and the simple might not apply.

And even as I say that, we all know that storms come and go. We all know that the power lines and roads and whatever else that was broken, gets fixed, and that our inconvenience will end eventually. The one exception to this in history will occur in the Tribulation, when the troubles of life will increase exponentially throughout those seven years. The usual solutions and recovery will never come for those folks.

But there is one more note to Eliphaz's speech and that is in the next verse. The mind of God is unsearchable, and Gods blessings are without number.

There is no limit to Gods blessings. God does not limit us to just one or two blessings per month.

Likewise, Gods will and plan for each of our lives, as well as for the whole of humanity, is beyond our comprehension.

Eccl 3:11

11 He has made everything appropriate in its time. He has also set eternity in their heart, yet so that man will not find out the work which God has done from the beginning even to the end. NASB

God plan is so vast, so intricate, so complicated, that if we had all of eternity to figure it all out, we could not. Thus Eliphaz suggests that we can not know the will of God in everything, but we can pray for help when we need it.

Not knowing the ultimate answer to our situation is not important. Knowing that God is the source of that solution, is.

Eliphaz implies that Job should look to God, and repent of his wrongs in order to gain relief. That is good advice, but it is not limited to just those who are suffering. We should look to God when times are good, also. Especially when times are good.

Spiritual growth comes far easier, when things are going well for you. You have the time and freedom from pressure, to function in your spiritual life. Review that spiritual checklist we put together some time ago.

If you make yourself consistent during the easy times, then when the world does turn against you, you will be ready and you will sail through the trouble with ease.

If however, you waste your time during the easy years of your life and do not comply with Gods mandates, then when trouble comes, you will not have the time or the resources to deal with those troubles.

It is far easier to learn and grow when your belly is full, than when you are hungry and the certainty of the next meal is not known.

In the good times, you have the convenience of thinking of the expectations of God. When times are bad, your are perpetually distracted with your worries and elusive solutions, and you do not think of Gods purpose, which is your only way out of any trouble. Better to enter trouble spiritually prepared, rather than unprepared.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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