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Job 5:15-16



15 But he saveth [yasha`] the poor ['ebyown] from the sword [chereb], from their mouth [peh], and from the hand [yad] of the mighty [chazaq].

16 So the poor [dal] hath hope [tiqvah], and iniquity [`evel] stoppeth [qaphats] her mouth [peh]. KJV-Interlinear



15 'But He saves from the sword of their mouth, And the poor from the hand of the mighty. 16 'So the helpless has hope, And unrighteousness must shut its mouth. NASB

The high and the mighty have their way in this world. It is the devils world for the time being. The high and the mighty are not strictly the rich and famous, they include anyone who gets their nose in your personal business.

The sword of the mouth is the gossip, the false accusations, the lies, the deceit, the fraud, the innuendoes, the slander, defamation, misrepresentations, slurs, libel and on and on.

The mouth is said to be a mighty sword, and the lies from the mouth can start a huge forest fire of destruction. The rich and powerful can give you a hard time, but then so can a nosey neighbor, or office politics.

When you are on hard times, and most everyone can be at some point in their life, then the hand of the mighty is anyone who places burdens on you, of which you don't have the resources to even defend yourself. So you are in a helpless state.

Often times God will allow the ruthless to have their way with you, in just such a situation, so He can teach you a lesson.

Hope, does not come from the bank account, or lawyers, talking back, or even bigger muscles, with which to fight your battles. Hope is God doing what needs to be done for you based on His terms, not yours, and certainly not on the terms of the oppressors. Jesus Christ controls history.

Let the wicked, no matter whom they might be, have their way. Let them celebrate. Let them laugh up the troubles they place on you.

Do you remember the celebrations that took place in the Middle East, when those twin towers were hit by planes and nearly three-thousand people died? There were thousands of folks dancing in the streets over our pain.

And just what kind of a life do those folks have, really? Are they better off than we?

Did our country fall. Did we cease to exist? Did we go into a depression? Did we surrender? No. We did what needed to be done. We systematically and methodically set up defenses and offenses against our enemies, despite a lot of political infighting. We did what needed to be done.

But that was war. In the social realm, you have to do what is right, too. But instead of getting even, you simply shut your mouth, do not react, and let those who would bad mouth you, do their thing.

You place yourself in Gods hands, just as a soldier places his life in Gods hands while charging up a beach with bullets flying all around. Helpless, and for the most part, in a hopeless situation, the soldier can do nothing but advance and pray.

Your advance in this life is through doctrine and spiritual growth.

So, no retaliation, no retribution, no getting even, no imitating the actions of your enemies when it comes to your social environment.

Because if you look around, you'll see that the lives of the oppressors in general, fall apart sooner or later. They have nothing in this life, despite their arrogant attitude. Sure they cause trouble, but they will reap back on themselves, that trouble many times over. They will go away or fade away, but you will still be here.

God has delivered people from oppressions of many types. He delivered us from the Hitler's of the world. He has delivered neighborhoods from the gangs that try to rule with their terror. He has delivered victims from mouthy gossips. The wicked always fall by the wayside. Don't follow them in their path.

What God has done before for others, He will repeat for you. But only if you stay out of the way.

Don't react or you will be playing right into the hands of those who want you to fall apart. Ignore them, maintain your poise, don't even talk back to them with some cute little righteous comment. Instead let God hammer them. And He will, in His own good time.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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