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Job 5:27



27 Lo this, we have searched [chaqar] it, so it is; hear [shama`] it, and know [yada`] thou it for thy good. KJV-Interlinear



27 'Behold this, we have investigated it, thus it is; Hear it, and know for yourself.' NASB

Eliphaz has given us an excellent description of truth in these past couple of chapters. Although he is in error in his certainty that these principles are applicable to Job's problems, we can learn a great deal of doctrine from his comments.

Eliphaz was not a dummy. He was not a caveman. He lived nearly 4500 years ago and did not have access to our modern technology. No television or radio, no internet, no modern universities, no modern library of books or bookstores, no cars, trains, or airplanes, Eliphaz had none of these.

Eliphaz as a contemporary of Job, most likely lived into his 200's of years. What can we say about that, when our average lifefont is only in the 70's or 80's of years in our modern day of vitamins and sex helper pills.

And yet living so long, he probably was able to travel about somewhat, and observe history and humanity. He does not claim to be the deliverer of a divine message, but explains that his beliefs are the product of his observations and life experiences.

He learned a great deal of Bible doctrine from simply observing life in his day.

We too can learn a great deal of doctrine by our contemporary observations, if only we would take the time. Nothing in life comes by accident. Jesus Christ controls history. It is not unusual that two men died recently with completely opposite histories and outlooks on life, our President Ford and Iraq's Saddam.

One passed on to the next life with quiet honor, while the other passed to the next life with dishonor. No doubt that by now you have seen the actual execution video online, as well as the funeral ceremonies of President Ford on the television. A stark contrast divides the two men.

As graphic as these images might be in death, the contrasts of these two men should awaken people to the graphic differences between the spiritual life and the non-spiritual life, in life.

And so, Eliphaz has searched out, he was proactive, he was interested, he was driven by his own self-motivation to learn. And even though he is in error with respect to Job, he still knows a great deal of Bible doctrine, which he 'searched out' in order to learn the truths of life.

This self-motivation which he displayed, is something that is lacking all too often in our present day.

What Eliphaz states, is the summary of his wisdom derived from what he has learned and experienced during his life. And therefore, you as a student in the Word of God, should take heed and learn, and know, and understand Gods Word, for your own good.

The barbarism, paganism, even the Quran and religion in general, have done nothing toward solving the problems of the sin nature. Instead, they actually perpetuate and exacerbate the problems of life.

Without the Bible, civilization would decline and fall almost instantly into oblivion. The only reason that we are here today, is due to the grace of God. Apart from the instruction and influence from the Bible, murder, envy and malice, hate, and the offering of hundreds at a time of human victims to ruthless deities, and ego driven tyrants would rule the day. A day that would bring humanity to extinction in just a matter of a few short years.

And in fact, that is exactly the course that humanity will follow, when the Tribulation begins at some point in the future.

With thousands of years of history behind us, man in general will have learned nothing. And yet Eliphaz, having lived a very long time ago, knows more than the average person in our modern day. Why? Because he wanted to learn, and he took the time to discover doctrine and life. Something that most folks don't take the time to do.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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