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Job 6:8-9



8 Oh that I might have [bow'] my request [sha'elah]; and that God ['elowahh] would grant [nathan] me the thing that I long for [tiqvah]!

9 Even that it would please [ya'al] God ['elowahh] to destroy [daka'] me; that he would let loose [nathar] his hand [yad], and cut me off [batsa`]! KJV-Interlinear



8 'Oh that my request might come to pass, And that God would grant my longing! 9 'Would that God were willing to crush me; That He would loose His hand and cut me off! NASB

Eliphaz has suggested that death is the final punishment for those who live outside of Gods will. Job reiterates his desire to die.

Earlier, Job had wished that he had never been conceived. That of course could not happen because here he is. He also had wished that he could have died prior to his birth. That too, could not happen. He wished for death to follow his birth, but alas, here he is nearly a hundred years old.

He is hurting badly. His life has fallen apart and even his wife criticizes him.

Now he wishes, even prays that God will cut him loose from his misery and from this life, so that he can move on to the next life, but better yet, so he can escape his present misery. His present misery is all he is thinking about, not Gods intent for his life.

Lots of folks probably have this wish when life seems to be falling apart on them. It is not an uncommon desire. But note, Job does not consider suicide. He is still placing his life in Gods hands for Gods disposition.

God is willing to crush him, so why not just end it all? Give Job a break and just snatch his soul right out of his body and then everyone can go home.

But, that too is not to be.

So long as we are alive, God has a plan for our lives. Gods plan is greater than anything in creation. Gods plan is greater than all of the blessings of this world. Gods plan is certainly greater than all of the miseries in this world.

To wish for your life to end, even when you are under horrendous pressures, means that you are willing to give up on something better than you can possibly imagine. This would be like a player struggling through a championship game, with the score tied in the final seconds. And then giving up because the pressure is too great. Would you let the world defeat you when your win is certain? Would you quit a game when God is going to make that guaranteed winning score for you?

Who created the universe? Who created the angels? Who created humanity? Who created you? Do we know anything about life that might indicate that God is pretty smart? What with molecules, DNA, galaxies, animal and plant life galore, atoms, and other really small things? If God can do that, then isn't it just possible, if even remotely, that God might be able to structure a life for you?

Wanting to die is the easy way out. Wanting to live, now that takes courage. And in this life, those who pursue their spiritual life, set out on the most phenomenal adventure imaginable.

You will never be on a Hollywood screen, nor in the popular magazines, but your life in doctrine, is all over heaven. And there, heaven is filled with the pandemonium of angels cheering with even your smallest effort to advance in your spiritual life.

So, you are still alive. You must be if you are reading this. That means that you will be a winner of your very own championship game, if you stick it out in your spiritual life. And the neat thing about that is that all you have to do is read your studies everyday, keep yourself in fellowship, use Gods principles to guide your daily life, and wait

God will do the rest. And when God, according to His schedule, sees fit to take you home, then rest assured, He will.

Oh yes, you still have to get a job and pay your bills and be responsible in life. None of this moving to the hills, and sitting on your porch with your hound and moonshine! Unless you are on vacation!!

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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