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Job 6:11-12



11 What is my strength [koach], that I should hope [yachal]? and what is mine end [qets], that I should prolong ['arak] my life [nephesh]?

12 Is my strength [koach] the strength [koach] of stones ['eben]? or is my flesh [basar] of brass [nachuwsh]? KJV-Interlinear



11 'What is my strength, that I should wait? And what is my end, that I should endure? 12 'Is my strength the strength of stones, Or is my flesh bronze? NASB

Eliphaz had warned of the penalties for unbridled sin, and that the ultimate penalty was death. This, he implies, was the obvious state of Job. But Eliphaz was not heartless. He offered an alternative to Job, which was to repent, to change his ways, and then God would restore all that he had lost, and then some. Everyone would be happy again, the sun would shine, and the world would continue on its merry way.

At least that was what Eliphaz was suggesting.

In general, what Eliphaz had said, was true. If you sin, you can expect some form of punishment. If you repent, you can reasonably expect some form of blessing.

What those punishments and blessings are, no one can know before hand. Recall the parable of Lazarus and the rich man. Lazarus was poor, destitute and sick, but he was a mature believer. He died while sitting at the entrance gate of the rich man. The rich man was evil to the core. The rich man died later on.

Lazarus went to Paradise and was honored. Lazarus is in heaven today. The rich man went to Torments and was tormented with miseries beyond our imagination. Both men are still in their respective places even today.

God has blessings and God has punishments and their nature we may never know, when it comes to others, or even to ourselves.

Job is being blessed, although no one knows it as yet. Everyone is making their judgments based on what they see, or are experiencing.

Eliphaz has made his point. Job is defending himself, and rejecting Eliphaz's conclusions.

'What am I, Superman?' Job asks. 'Am I made of stone and rock, such that I can endure the suffering and recover so easily?'

'Where does this super strength come from? What specifically is my destiny, that I should wait this misery out, so I can see the end result?'

'When one suffers so greatly, is there a point in continuing it? Should a person reasonably expect that something better is coming when he is terminal?'

Job sees only the nose in front of his face. He sees only what he wants to see, and that is his suffering.

'Why continue it? Can't God just end it all and take him home? What is to be gained by all of this? What is the point?'

So, now we have all felt that way at some point in our life. Out of work, out of money, out of time, out of whatever, or so we think. Just end it all so our misery can end. And that is the reason that we make such complaints. So we can escape our miseries. People in general do not want to face realities that are bad, especially those that cause us discomfort, and especially mental discomfort.

Have you ever known a pregnant women who when she goes into labor, wants to change her mind and cancel the whole thing, or at least postpone it for a year or two?

Well we all know that on the other side of that birth is a new born baby, and lots of laughs and fun and happy times. Sure there will be the bad times, but we tend to focus on the good ones.

Well, we know the outcome of a birth. But, we also know the outcome of continued spiritual life.

God is not going to let you just walk off the playing field, just because the game is getting close. How can you possibly win if you quit?

Job asks, 'Where does the strength come from that he might endure, that he might see this through to the end? Is he superman?

And the answer is also obvious and even known already to you. The strength in the spiritual life comes from God, and Bible doctrine. The endurance comes from faith. And yes you can be a superman, or superwoman through the power you obtain in your spiritual life.

With God, nothing is impossible. Jesus Christ controls history. Have we ever mentioned that before?

God does not rely on human means with which to fulfill His plans.

If God wants you to live the life of a rich person, then you will. If God wants you to live the life of a poor person, then you will. Your life and the details and circumstances of your life, are irrelevant to your spiritual life. Do not gage your success or failure in life based on what you do or do not have. Your success or failure depends entirely on the spiritual content, or lack of it, in your soul.

And just how do you suppose, we acquire spiritual content into our soul?

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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