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Job 6:13



13 Is not my help [`ezrah] in me? and is wisdom [tuwshiyah] driven quite [nadach] from me? KJV-Interlinear



13 'Is it that my help is not within me, And that deliverance is driven from me? NASB

Eliphaz has suggested, sort of, that all Job need do is repent, and everything will be put back as it was.

Job has maintained all along that it is not due to any sins of his, that has brought about this suffering, but in order to get through such an overwhelming situation, one would have to be made of rock and bronze. One would have to be superman in other words. And Job is certainly not that.

Quite the contrary. Jobs strength and endurance have diminished to being virtually nonexistent. He is tired, and exhausted both physically and mentally. The 'go' juice is just not there anymore. So how can he possibly endure this suffering any longer?

As far as Job is concerned, he should already be dead. In his own mind, he is long passed the point of no return.

All of his vital inner strength, for fighting off this illness, has been used up, and he has nothing more to give of himself.

The only thing he has left is his ability to reason. The mind is still intact. He is not delirious. He still knows the difference between right and wrong, good and evil. But this. This suffering, is far beyond him.

All of his inner powers, or wisdom, or 'tuwshiyah,' as he states it, all of his resources for life, have vanished from him. He has nothing further with which to fight.


And so, here we see that Job has been driven to the very bottom of helplessness and hopelessness. The only alternative left now is God.


When man is at his weakest, then God is at His greatest.


Jesus Christ controls history.


God does not depend on human weapons to fulfill His plans. He does not rely on human means. The battle is the Lords. Many centuries later, David will shout this when advancing against Goliath.


'When I am weak, then I am strong.'


Those who have Bible doctrine in their soul, those who have grown up in their spiritual life, will have accomplished to some degree, a level of understanding and therefore wisdom. Weakness in this world, is strength in God.


When one loses all ability to fight the fights of this world, then that is the point of perfect helplessness.


God is the only alternative, and in God is the strength of omnipotence. For God, nothing is impossible. He invented you and your life, and everything in this universe. He can overrule any disease, or illness, or set of circumstances.


For you and me, sometimes God has to take us to the brink of disaster in order to teach us a lesson. For you and me, sometimes God has to take us to the edge of oblivion in order to help us understand better, in order to teach us to look to Him.


Some people are hard headed and need the hard lesson. Some people are positive toward God, and learn easily, but maybe someone in their periphery needs the learn the hard way, so both are taken down together in order for the lesson to be learned.


Once God has melted your metal down to a liquid, then He can pour you into the mold of His choosing, not your choosing. Those who presume that they will accomplish this or that, often learn that they will accomplish nothing unless they commit their lives to God.


Job was taken down for another reason. Jesus Christ went to the Cross and on that Cross was taken beyond the boundary of helplessness and hopelessness. Jesus Christ never complained, never sinned, never blinked. He trusted in the plan of the Father and the power of the Holy Spirit.


Probably, neither you nor I will ever be taken that far into suffering, in our life. None of us will ever be taken as far as Job was taken. So, how can we possibly whimper over our aches, pains, and miseries of life?


Sure, there are those of you who feel like you are on the brink of disaster, but maybe you should not be focusing so much attention on your problems, and instead should be thinking about your solutions.

Job's mind was working and will continue to work for many more chapters. He thinks he is at his wits end. But surprise, surprise! Has he passed out? Has he lost consciousness? No. He is still thinking and reasoning.

If you are prosperous and not anywhere near disaster in your life, don't get too comfortable. Don't begin to think that you have arrived in some safe zone. God can teach you just as easily as He did Job. If you are well off, then all the more reason to double your spiritual growth efforts. If you are not well off, then you too should take God seriously.

Don't worry over what the world may be able to do to you, but instead worry over what God can withhold from you. Never trade away Gods blessing, even His instruction, in exchange for anything the world can do for you.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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