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Job 6:26-27

26 Do ye imagine [chashab] to reprove [yakach] words [millah], and the speeches ['emer] of one that is desperate [ya'ash], which are as wind [ruwach]?

27 Yea, ye overwhelm [naphal] the fatherless [yathowm], and ye dig [karah] a pit for your friend [rea`]. KJV-Interlinear


26 'Do you intend to reprove my words, When the words of one in despair belong to the wind? 27 'You would even cast lots for the orphans, And barter over your friend. NASB

Now, if you had come down with some unknown disease, which has racked you thoroughly from head to toe. If you had stumbled and broke an arm or leg. If you had come down with some form of cancer or leprosy or the flu, or plague, or anything which would make you totally, and thoroughly, and constantly sick. And, you had no medication, no medical attention available, nothing with which you could look to for relief. Being racked with headaches, and nausea, and pain to the max, then do you just suppose that you would complain even a little bit?

If you came down with all of these things simultaneously, couldn't eat, couldn't sleep, couldn't get any kind of rest or relief, then would you just lay there quietly, or would you moan and groan?

Most normal folks, if not everyone, would moan and groan, and wish just as Job had wished. For the misery to end, and go away, even to the point of wishing that they had never been born.

Now there might be one or two of you out there who are really tough, but I would bet that God could come up with a really nice and long lasting illness that would drive your toughness away.

If given this scenario, would it be reasonable for anyone to come to you and criticize you for the words you express while in your misery? Most folks who were criticized, would come right back and invite the critic to trade places and then see how they would do!

It is easy to call the plays from your easy chair. It is easy to rewind the game and analyze the play choices from hindsight. But to get out on the field and make the decisions instantly and without the convenience of time and review, is a much tougher job.

Likewise, Job here is asking what it is that these friends are criticizing. Is it his words, or his past actions that are being called the cause of his condemnation?

Up to this point in their lives, these men have known each other for some one hundred years now. What actions of Job, do they raise as the basis for his suffering?

Job has been under suffering for perhaps a few weeks or months now. Can a person's pattern of life change so dramatically and so quickly?

But no. Job's friends have no evidence of his wrong doing. We have confirmation of Job's lifestyle from God, Himself, in chapter one. This leaves only his words from a conversation that had begun only moments ago.

We have been studying Job for several weeks now, and will continue to study Job for several more months, but this conversation between Job and his friends will complete itself in the course of less than a single day.

Jobs friends have known him for a very long time, but in his hour of need, when he is under tremendous pressure from his miseries, miseries which by the way, he did not cause on himself, they take exception to his words of despair.

We don't have to actually jump off of a ten story building in order to know the results of the fall. Jobs friends do not have to experience his suffering in order to express some compassion and understanding.

Sometimes things happen to us because we bring them onto ourselves. Sometimes things happen to us which are not our fault. In either case, in the midst of ones suffering, compassion and understanding, even offering some form of help, is in order. Judgment and criticism are inappropriate.

When a person is under terrible stress, he thinks and says things that are nothing more than empty wind. That is what despair can be, non-thinking, non-reasoning expressions of wind. And that is all they really are. Job was hurting, and still is. His words do not paint a complete picture of his entire life. They are only expressions caused by extreme pain and discomfort.

If you have ever been married, to a woman that is, then you have experienced this phenomenon perhaps on a monthly basis. Just duck and leave the planet for a few days. The universe will repair itself. And if you dare to criticize, then St. Peter may be greeting you much sooner than you think! In fact, he may be greeting you several times throughout your life!

People who lack compassion, lack orientation to life and common sense. They see no offense at criticizing, therefore they probably would even roll the dice to determine the future of widows, orphans, even friends.

Being heartless is a product of self-righteousness.

People who lack compassion and reason should never be in positions of authority which determine the future of someone else's life.

Even though Job's friends know a great deal of Bible doctrine, somewhere along the line, they did not assimilate the proper capacity and understanding for applying it.

Academic knowledge does not make one wise. Wisdom comes only from the correct spiritual growth, obtained from living within the fellowship sphere.

Lack of spiritual growth will lead to self-righteousness, which will lead to heartlessness, which will lead to cruelty. From that will come all forms of sins, from gossip to treachery, to even violence.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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