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Job 8:15



15 He shall lean [sha`an] upon his house [bayith], but it shall not stand [`amad]: he shall hold [chazaq] it fast, but it shall not endure [quwm]. KJV-Interlinear



15 'He trusts in his house, but it does not stand; He holds fast to it, but it does not endure. NASB



Bildad begins a series of comparisons demonstrating the uselessness of the wicked person's reliance on his worldly things.


Who is the wicked person? Anyone who rejects God defiantly as an unbeliever might, or anyone who might be a believer but has become indifferent or inconsistent in their attitude toward God and their spiritual life, thus they do not grow up spiritually. The wicked also includes anyone who pretends to pursue a spiritual life. They might know the vocabulary, but do not live within the fellowship sphere, and thus simply never grow up.


This metaphor began with the spider and his web, from yesterdays study. The spider builds a house, a web, that clearly from the perspective of an outside observer, is a weak and feeble structure. A light wind or falling stick, even a small animal, can easily destroy the web, yet the spider looks with pride and a sense of security, at his home as his own accomplishment.


The web is built for his own use and enjoyment. It is for no other spiders use. Only his own.


The spider holds fast to his web, testing its strength and looking for its weaknesses. He adds more and more webbing, building a house of mystery and complexity. He is convinced that all he does within his own web, betters his home and himself.


But all that he does is for selfish purposes, from the conceit of his own accomplishment for his own personal use. He disregards the world around him, the realities around him, and presumes that this is all that there is.


He can build his web in the dirtiest of dungeons or the finest of castles. The spider has the freedom to build whatever and wherever he wishes, and thus presumes ownership and control of his environment. He has no concern for anything outside of his own web.


And thus, the wicked are identified with the self-centered spider.


On the human front, society can be a little more complicated than the spider and his web, but all of the aspects of the spider and his web, do apply to those who are fundamentally without God in their life.


The spider's web is fundamentally weak. The slightest of worldly pressures can blast the web apart. Think what would happen if God applied His power to the destruction of the web.


People place their trust in people. People place their trust in the systems of interpersonal relations. People place their trust in their personal yet worldly beliefs. People place their trust in their life styles. People place their trust in government and government programs. People place their trust in their possessions. People place their trust in their abilities, and in their life plans.


Just look around the world, look even as close as the advertisements you hear and see in the media. People place their trust in many things that exist in this world. And yet all of these trusts are nothing more than trusting in the spider's web of this carnal world.


The web of life is a complicated interlinking system of tiny little threads. The more threads added to the web, make folks proud of their accomplishments, make folks feel more secure, but ultimately only a little breeze can come along and make the entire system crash.


As life continues, those living never see the weakness of their beliefs. Only those who die gain the eye opening truth regarding their foolishly lived lives. However when one dies, it is too late to change.


Bildad has compared the life of the wicked, to a shadow, to marsh reeds, and to a spiders web. All have virtually no substance and all can disappear quickly. To the observation of the wicked they look awesome and impressive, but in reality all are empty environments, nothing existences, temporary vanities, incapable of supporting or even perpetuating themselves.


And life without God, is certainly that. A nothing existence.


All of the concerns regarding the environment, politics, social relations, cultural relations, economic concerns and on and on, are mere spinning's of the complex webbing in a community of spiders.


The concerns of the world and mans formula for perfecting everything will come to nothing. Remember our study of Revelation? The biggest disasters designed to overwhelm humanity are yet to occur. And yet when Christ returns at the Second Advent, everything will almost instantly become perfect.


Your life was not created for the purpose of sustaining itself forever in his world. You were born in order to prepare yourself for eternity. Your life in this world serves to help support yourself while you learn your spiritual lessons. A big part of that learning includes being responsible.


Those who ignore their spiritual side of life, weave their own web of existence. And to that end, they will eventually discover a very disappointing life.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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