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Job 8:18-19



18 If he destroy [bala`] him from his place [maqowm], then it shall deny [kachash] him, saying, I have not seen [ra'ah] thee.

19 Behold, this is the joy [masows] of his way [derek], and out of the earth [`aphar] shall others ['acher] grow [tsamach]. KJV-Interlinear



18 'If he is removed from his place, Then it will deny him, saying, 'I never saw you.' 19 'Behold, this is the joy of His way; And out of the dust others will spring. NASB



In a previous study, we perceived an irony coming, and here it is.


Ask yourself one question now. How many people have ever lived in all of human history? From the time of Adam and Eve, up to and including today.


We know that the population of the world is a little over six and a half billion people now, and growing at various rates from 1.8 percent to 3 percent per year, depending on where you live in the world. That means that around 130 million people are born every year, or about 350,000 new souls are added to the population growth each day. That is net of, and over and above, any who die.


There have been many population mathematical models estimating the total numbers of people ever born since Adam's time, ranging from several hundred billion to a couple of trillion folks.


How many of them do you know? How many of them do you remember? How many of them who have lived in this world, still have their worldly possessions?


Who is going to remember you? What makes you so different that you can accomplish everything that no one in the past has been able to accomplish?


Now here is Bildad calling out the irony.


The wicked or Godless person, places emphasis on his earthly existence. In that, he looks for his happiness and security, and purpose in life. And yet, when the waters of the river recede and the waters of the marsh dry up, as they always do, then the plants of the previously mentioned symbolisms, die.


What happens to the spiritually negative person? They lose everything. If they could return, then what would they discover? They would discover that another has taken their place, that they have been forgotten, that their former estate will reject them.


That is the legacy of the spiritually negative person. They are historical filler and their whole existence has come to nothing.


In your life, you were placed in this world for what purpose? To raise children, to change diapers, to design rockets? No. None of these things are relevant. Whatever you do in life, whether designing rockets, changing diapers, or being someone's companion and entertainment, may be your assigned duty for getting by in life, but they are not your eternal destiny.


You were placed in this world to grow up spiritually. When you were born, you were given the opportunity to advance in your spiritual life. Most people are indifferent toward that end.


Simultaneously, while you should be learning Bible doctrine, you have a temporal life wherein you need an education, a job, a career, a function of some type. This gives you a means of living in this world, as well as a mechanism for applying what you learn, to your daily life.


You may be the breadwinner or you may be the support for the breadwinner of your family. In that role, you learn how to establish priorities, responsibility, and charity within your life. These are applications of your spiritual life.


Or, you can ignore all of this Bible stuff, and become just like all of those other billions or trillions from history.


So what is the irony here? No one learns.


You have a great deal of physical evidence pointing to the vastness of God. Look at the stars on any clear night. Try to learn the names of everyone who has ever been born. Actually, try to find out their names, if you can.


Where you live now. Do you know the names of all of the former owners or residents, going all the way back to the beginning of time?


The plans you are making now, the possessions you have now, everything in your life, that is, everything that is non-spiritual, is temporary at the very best. Why would you invest one-hundred percent of your efforts in a life that is temporary, and ignore completely, the part of your life that is permanent?


Your spiritual life is by far your most important possession and should be your highest priority in life. Your temporal existence was given to you by God, as logistical support, to help sustain you in this life, while you grow up spiritually.


Most folks live their life backwards in this respect.


So, whether you are the entertainment and companion of another, or the designer of leading edge technology, makes no difference. Both have their role in society and especially in your personal life, obviously. Within them, within your daily life, you can practice the principles you learn in your Bible study.


But, your objective should be your own spiritual growth toward maturity. That is permanent and eternal, and that is the only thing which God will evaluate and reward in eternity.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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