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Job 8:22



22 They that hate [sane'] thee shall be clothed [labash] with shame [bosheth]; and the dwelling ['ohel] place of the wicked [rasha`] shall come to nought ['ayin]. KJV-Interlinear



22 'Those who hate you will be clothed with shame; And the tent of the wicked will be no more.' NASB



Adam was a just man, yet he made one mistake, which tossed all of humanity into our present history. Abel was killed by Cain, the whole of the pre-flood civilization turned evil and remained so for many of those first centuries of history.


Noah and his sons and their wives were persecuted before they entered the Ark. And after the flood, Noah and his descendants were persecuted. Abram had to leave the land of Ur. The prophets were all persecuted. David had to endure persecution. And Christ most of all, was crucified.


So, no one can judge anyone based on the circumstances of their life. No one can evaluate anyone, based on the circumstances of their life. And certainly, your life and your success with God is not determined by your accomplishments, successes, or circumstances in which you live.


Your spiritual life is determined by what you think, by what is inside of your soul, by what you actually believe. God can raise up a spiritually mature believer who is destitute to the max, just as easily as raising up a rich one.


However, Bildad does have one thing right. God will not bless those who reject Him. God is truth, and to reject God is to reject truth. To reject truth is to embrace lies.


Since the time of Adam, evil people have walked this earth and have received many apparent blessings. Blessings that is, which are apparent to the observer. However, all evil people did, and do, meet their end in death and in that end, they receive their final pay.


The tent of evil people, their home, their spiders web, the world which they weave around themselves, always evaporates into nothingness. They become clothed in shame, embarrassment, disgrace, indignity, when they try through their own efforts to establish their lives without Gods guidance, or through their attempts at modifying Gods rules to their own tastes.


Zech. 7:13

13 'And it came about that just as He called and they would not listen, so they called and I would not listen,' says the LORD of hosts; NASB


Psa. 91:1

1 He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High, will abide in the shadow of the Almighty. NASB


And so the principle, the most fundamental principle of life is very simple. Pursue God and He will take care of you, and your life will end up successful, guaranteed.


Disregard God, ignore Him, try to play games with God, remain indifferent toward God, rationalize virtually anything you want in life, redefine God, desire things in life more than you do God, and so on and so forth, and you will find His back turned toward you.


Without Gods attentiveness in your life, you have no life.


The devil runs this world for the time being. His rules, the jungle rules, dominate the unbelieving world. Any believer, who more or less ignores God in their life, imitates the unbeliever's life style, and opt's for their carnal rules. Evil can succeed in the jungle, but it is a pseudo prosperity and it is only temporary. Don't be fooled by worldly prosperity. Never envy it. Never lust for it.


Be patient and be dedicated to your spiritual growth. You most likely will never win a popularity contest in this world, but that matters not. Your life, your real life, begins in eternity. And there is where your dedication now to Gods Word will pay off, big time.


Meanwhile, be diligent and persist in your daily study. God will show you many mighty things in this life. You are not destined to live a boring life now. God has a plan for your life. He has a plan especially for you. However, you can only experience that unique plan by growing up in your spiritual life.


Gods plan for you, is by far better than anything you can define, design, plan out, or luck out for yourself.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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