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You must be in fellowship prior to your Bible study, so that the spiritual information you receive can become a source, of blessing to your soul and produce spiritual growth.

Job 9:13



13 If God ['elowahh] will not withdraw [shuwb] his anger ['aph], the proud [rahab] helpers [`azar] do stoop [shachach] under him. KJV-Interlinear



13 'God will not turn back His anger; Beneath Him crouch the helpers of Rahab. NASB



When we hear the name Rahab, we generally think of the woman who helped the two Israeli spies, sent by Joshua, before the fall of Jericho. But that event will not occur for another thousand years after the time of Job.


The name Rahab, is a general reference for sin or evil. Egypt was called Rahab, by Isaiah, due to its sinfulness. Rahab is also a reference to a monster or a great evil force.


God resides in heaven. Heaven is the place of perfection. Beneath Him is the earth. And on the earth resides great evils. That is the setting for the who, what, and where we live our lives.


Lest anyone get uppity about this world and all its natural beauty, with the presumption that as goes this world, so goes the history of humanity. Somehow implying that if the world is safe and clean, then humanity will be safe and clean.


The crouch, describes a predator's posture just before it strikes its prey. And, all this world has to offer humanity, is the unseen predatory activity of Satan, and all who pursue the pattern of thinking which he has invented.


God is perfect. God is perfect righteousness and perfect justice. With that, all of the blemishes, taints, and flaws of sin have no place.


In order to have freedom, liberty, opportunity, prosperity, security, and therefore happiness, then all sin must be eliminated. These things cannot exist unless there is a means in place for combating and defeating crime, tyranny, prejudice, even self-righteousness, in other words all the components of sin.


God fights all manner of evil with ruthlessness and consistency. God will never compromise. God will never give in, to anything less that absolute victory over all evil in every form.


Knowing that, should lead you out of your little sinful habits and attitudes, and into a better frame of mind, which is more consistent with how God wants you to think and behave.


Hummm! Something to think about, maybe?


An awful lot of people, who are believers in Christ, will go to heaven from all ages in history, and when they get there, they are going to discover, too late of course, that they could have had far more in life than they actually experienced.


As we move slowly through this book of Job, you will see, as you should have discovered by now, that there is a vast amount of doctrine contained within this book. One of the reasons that we move so slowly, is so that you can ponder each days study. Too much material gets lost in the volumes of words. Besides, my two best typing fingers, don't type that fast. But a little principle here and there can be learned, and remembered, and then utilized in the structuring of your life. Assuming that you are paying attention, that is.


We can't build much of a structure within the soul in a day or two, but within a year, a decade, a lifetime, a mountain of doctrine can be constructed within your soul, and that will transform your faith into an immovable eternal fortress.


Take what you learn, examine it, ponder it, learn it, and use it from within the content of your soul.


God did not design the human machine to run on worldly fuel, which can only pollute the soul, but to run on spiritual fuel, which is the fuel of Gods perfection.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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