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Job 9:16-18



16 If I had called [qara'], and he had answered [`anah] me; yet would I not believe ['aman] that he had hearkened ['azan] unto my voice [qowl].

17 For he breaketh [shuwph] me with a tempest [sa`arah], and multiplieth [rabah] my wounds [petsa`] without cause [chinnam].

18 He will not suffer [nathan] me to take [shuwb] my breath [ruwach], but filleth [saba`] me with bitterness [mamror]. KJV-Interlinear



16 'If I called and He answered me, I could not believe that He was listening to my voice. 17 'For He bruises me with a tempest, And multiplies my wounds without cause. 18 'He will not allow me to get my breath, But saturates me with bitterness. NASB



Your life is divided into three categories. The first category if your life as an unbeliever. The second is your life as a believer in Christ. Both of these two categories occur in this current world. The third category of each of our lives, is our life in eternity.


For the unbeliever, eternity will be in the Lake of Fire. For the believer, eternity will occur in a new heaven and earth.


The duration of these three categories is short for the current world phases, and the eternal phase of our life will obviously be the longest. It will last forever.


Our first segment, which is our life in this world, is filled with contention, strife, misery, trouble, conflict, and so forth.


Every person should expect difficulties, in this life, in varying proportions throughout their life. This is the devils world.


It is true, that you will find some who should be charged with far more sin than is common to the average person, and yet they will suffer no more, even seemingly less than the average person. And contrary to that, there are those who commit far less than the average sins and yet will be faced with enduring greater miseries in life.


Life in this world is not fair. This is the devils world. Have I mentioned that this is the devils world?


Job was inundated with misery. This is the tempest, a furious storm, which he describes. He did not deserve it, yet it all came upon him so fast, that he had virtually no time to catch his breath.


Life can sneak up on you fast, and when it does, you will certainly think that things are going just too fast. Too fast for you to even catch your breath. And again, such is life in this devils world.


The world does not care anything for you. So looking to the world for ones security and destiny is illogical.


But how can Job, or you, answer God? How can you petition God?


Does this history have a purpose? Is there a plan? And if so, then would God change it all for your sake, at the expense of everyone else?


God reserves the full, complete, and exact distribution of rewards and punishments, for that future state of eternity.


We of course, want to be in the reward section. Unbelievers will find themselves in the punishment section.


So if we were to make our complaint to God, then do we really believe that God will change His divine plan for our benefit, and grant us our request?


That answer should be, 'No.'


So now you need to study daily, learn daily, use what you learn daily, ponder what you know daily, and slowly grow up in your spiritual life. Then and only then, will you come to the same conclusion as Job.


Though Job is hurting badly, hurting far more than you will likely hurt at any point in your life, Job knows that there is a reason for this suffering. Though Job does not quite see it yet, he will not ask God to remove his suffering, until all have come to its proper conclusion, whatever that might be.


Job is not whining. Job is not complaining. Job is not blaming.


Job is not being made perfect as a result of his sufferings. So imitating Job, even imitating Christ on the Cross, as is the manner of some in their attempt to magnify their own sufferings, does nothing for the quality of their spiritual relationship with God.


Likewise, when misery befalls us, we need to look first to our inner resources, trust in God, pray of course for relief, and obviously take the necessary actions that are called for by the situation, and then wait on God.


If you get sick, have problems and so forth, then take your medicine, or go to the doctor, or do what you should do. Be responsible and sensible concerning the things in your life. Wishing, crying, complaining, doing nothing, even praying for everything to magically go away, is generally not a reasonable approach.


Miracles are designed to get peoples attention and introduce them to God and doctrine. Miracles are not a substitute for sound spiritual growth.


This is the devils world, and trouble will be apart of life. Whether your trouble comes from your own bad decisions, or from other sources that you cannot control, makes no difference. Your objective in life is not to have your perfect life now, but to prepare for your perfect life in eternity. Dealing with problems is just a part of that growing process.


Remember too, that God has seen your afflictions. He saw them in eternity past, and He made provision for you in all that you will face in life.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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