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Job 9:19



19 If I speak of strength [koach], lo, he is strong ['ammiyts]: and if of judgment [mishpat], who shall set [ya`ad] me a time to plead? KJV-Interlinear



19 'If it is a matter of power, behold, He is the strong one! And if it is a matter of justice, who can summon Him? NASB



The overall questions are, 'Who can argue with God? Who can compete? How and in what manner would such a contest occur? Who would oversee the outcome?'


Job continues with his analysis of such a contest. He knows his own place, the place of inferior man, and Job certainly has no illusions concerning Gods position in all of creation.


Jer. 49:19

For who is like Me, and who will summon Me into court? And who then is the shepherd who can stand against Me?' NASB


Who will call God into court? Who will stand before God to argue their case? Who will represent man in mans case against God?


Man lives in the sinful category of creation. God lives in the perfection category. Between the two, neither can cross over into the other. God will not lower His own standards of perfection, and man doesn't have the means on his own, of rising to Gods level.


Furthermore, there is no other person or creature who can either represent man, or stand in mans shoes in a contest between man and God.


Satan has tried. That is the very reason we even have this history for humanity. And, Satan is a real creature. How then can anything invented out of imagination, how can anything that is not real, how can anything which does not even exist, then stand up against God?


So as for all of the idols, all of the religions, all of the invented deities, all of the reasoned philosophies, all of the interpretations of life, its beginnings and its destiny, how then can any of these stand against God?


Job points out here, that if the matter comes down to pure power, then God wins hands down. God created all of the angels out nothing, in an instant. God created all of the universe out nothing, in an instant. God restored the earth step by step and point by point, in six days and then rested. All that He needed to do for human history, had been accomplished and in His rest, history now unfolds before us all.


Satan works hard. Satan walks back and forth in the earth, between heaven and earth, wherever he goes, to do the things he needs to do. Meanwhile God rests.


Man walks back and forth in the earth, hustles day in and day out, tries this plan and that plan to do whatever it is he wants to accomplish for himself. Meanwhile God rests.


In power, there is no contest. God wins.


In law then, what is the contest? Again, justice is on Gods side. God is perfect righteousness. Righteousness if the state of perfection. Justice is the cleansing routine, the washing process, the action of cleaning up unrighteousness.


Satan and man walk back and forth in the earth, inventing philosophies, religions, theories, laws, regulations, regulations for the regulations, interpretations for the regulations, exceptions for the interpretations, modifications to their previously invented beliefs, adjustments to their modifications, exceptions to their adjustments, categories for the privileged and categories for the not so privileged.


Gods doctrine has existed since eternity past. God rests. God has no further work to accomplish until man as well as Satan, have run through and used up, all of their options and alternatives for life.


Who among the tainted, who among the flawed, who among the indicted, who among the guilty can argue against justice?


And the answer to all of these questions is, 'no one.'


God has set His plan in motion. His plan has all of the necessary ingredients of provision for humanity. Provision both for the believer and for the unbeliever. Provision both for the positive and for the indifferent.


We should not ask for things, which are clearly outside of the plan design. 'God please turn these rocks into gold for me.' 'No, get a job.'


We should not try to impose our will on history and defining history, as the news media, as various tyrants through out history, as distorted do-gooder thinking, try to do.


We should not try to reinvent the norms and standards of society, replacing sound principles with alternative life styles.


Gods plan is sound. Gods plan is truth. Anything else is a lie and will end up in total failure, disruption of society, and misery for many.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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