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Job 11:5



5 But ['uwlam] oh that [nathan] God ['elowahh] would speak [dabar], and open [pathach] his lips [saphah] against thee; KJV-Interlinear



5 'But would that God might speak, And open His lips against you, NASB



Beware, beware, those who raise their argument to the next level, and actually invoke God into the picture. And why not. When one has nothing significant to say, then always raise your own status of wisdom and power by using God, and claiming God to be on your side.


Have you ever heard school yard arguments? One child begins the contest with a challenge, then the other child raises the challenge. Before you know it, one of the parents is being used to reinforce ones position in the debate. 'My dad is this.' Or, 'Your momma wears army boots.' Or something like that.


Then you know that the argument is really getting serious when the 'dare' is brought into the argument. That is when things are really getting feverish. First one dares, and so as not to be outdone, the second dare is thrown back. Everyone is safe thus far and all can back down without dishonor.


But when the double dare enters the picture, well, you just know that this is beginning to cross the line of no return. All those spectators will gasp when they hear the first double dare. But wait, the double dog dare launches everyone into an emotional panic. What to do now?


Then the triple dare and finally the triple dog dare. The ultimate dare from which there is no backing down. Everyone looking on knows that this is the dare that threatens the very fabric of the space-time continuum. To fail in this challenge means eternal dishonor. One could never even go back to school, let alone the playground and face all of the other kids.


And don't adults play this same game? 'If God were here right now ' 'If Jesus knew what you were up to ' 'He would be so shocked.' 'He would be so disappointed.' 'He would never do this or that.'


Didn't I hear this kind of rhetoric in the news from politicians recently?


'If God would only speak right now, He would take my side. Surely that must be obvious. And, He would rip you up one side and down the other with His scathing rebuke.'


And if the argument is really on its top 'When Jesus gets finished with you, you won't be able to tell your face from where you sit! Ha! Ha! Triple dog dare. Check-mate.'


And of course you just have to be shaking in your boots when you have been hit with the 'God' argument arsenal.


Now, a mature believer never has to invoke the 'God' arsenal.


Only those who lack any legitimate or useful or applicable argument, need the help of God in their vocabulary. In their mind, it somehow gives them an advantage, credibility and power, which they otherwise would not have. If you cannot win based on truth, then win with rhetoric. How does that saying go? Dazzle with brilliance or baffle with bull something or other!


Zophar demonstrates his weakness. First, he judges. Second, he takes personal offense. Third, he twists Jobs words. Fourth, he uses anger. Fifth, he presumes that his opinion is the same as Gods.


Zophar is shallow, sensitive, easily offended, and judgmental. Zophar does not listen to anything else being said, an especially anything that does not agree with his own opinion.


Zophar is so confident that Job is wrong and that he is right, that if God were to appear, He would side with Zophar and not Job.


Of course, we already know, because we have read ahead, that God will in fact support Job and not his friends.


Those who invoke God in their conversation, as well as those who attempt to impress with 'holy' words, 'praise the Lord,' 'brother this or sister that,' 'amen' and so forth, are not necessarily strong in their spiritual lives.


If you are growing up in your spiritual life, then you will discover that you have no need to impress or convince people with your 'holy' vocabulary. Life is far more fun with casual and comfortable conversation.

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End Of Lesson

Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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