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Job 11:6



6 And that he would shew [nagad] thee the secrets [ta`alummah] of wisdom [chokmah], that they are double [kephel] to that which is [tuwshiyah]! Know [yada`] therefore that God ['elowahh] exacteth [nashah] of thee less than thine iniquity [`avon] deserveth. KJV-Interlinear



6 And show you the secrets of wisdom! For sound wisdom has two sides. Know then that God forgets a part of your iniquity. NASB



Despite Zophar's attitude, he still has something correct to teach us all.


Gods wisdom is infinite. Gods grace likewise is infinite. And none of us deserve anything in this life.


The secret of Gods wisdom, means that there are things that are beyond our ability to know.


Gods two-sided wisdom is a reference to a written document, which is folded. The word, 'kephel,' means to fold twice, or to double fold. This is a reference to a document, or a scroll, that has information written on it. The document is folded and folded again, or the scroll is rolled up revealing only the outside or the beginning of the document.


The part, which is folded and hidden inside, or the information which is inside the rolled up scroll, is hidden from view and since hidden, cannot be known.


Gods wisdom for history is revealed a little at a time. Gods wisdom is infinite. Time in eternity is infinite. So unrolling Gods scroll, or unfolding Gods folded paper of wisdom, will take forever to reveal and therefore forever to come to know.


Who among us can peer into the future and know all there is to know? Who among us can look into the past, the distant past, the ancient, the pre-historic past, and know all that has been revealed? Who among us know all there is to know just within our generation?


None of us qualify in any of these categories, of course.


And as for our sins. God is infinite love, infinite patience, and infinite grace. Just one of our sins is sufficient to send us into the Lake of Fire. However, God has looked past all of the sins of humanity, to the Cross, to the Second Advent, to the new universe and eternity, and God has made provision for each and every one of us.


Some folks take advantage of that provision by believing in Christ, and some do not.


Lam. 3:39

39 Why should any living mortal, or any man, Offer complaint in view of his sins? NASB


God has caused to be forgotten, your sins, your failures, your blemishes, your spiritual taints. What we deserve in terms of judgment, is far more than anyone ever receives.


When life falls apart all around us, we should never become upset, or angry, or disheartened. Things could be far, far worse. God steps into our lives and runs interference for us such that the world will never have sole control over us.


Remember how this book began. Job was prosperous. He was prosperous because God blessed him.


Satan came along and trashed Jobs life. Satan went away. And now Jobs friends step in with their good intentions, at least initially, but they took up right where Satan left off. Satan did not have to continue his participation in Jobs misery. Jobs friends were doing that quite well.


So the world began well, and remained so until Satan entered the picture. But Satan does not have to remain in the picture. All he has to do is initiate the negative process and humanity in his arrogance takes the drivers seat.


Truth is all around the friends of Job. They all know truth, and are familiar with its content. But they are having a difficult time in applying it properly.


Zophar criticizes Job with arbitrary arguments. Yes, Gods wisdom is vast, but that does not make Job guilty of major sin and thus the reason for his current misery. Yes, God is gracious, and Jobs suffering is massive, but just because his suffering could have been much, much worse, that does not mean that he should agree with their arguments.


Zophar's criticism is off base, but Zophar's doctrine in this case, is accurate and needs to be noted.


God is smart. God is smarter than any of us. None of us can earn or deserve anything in this world or in this life. All we have is courtesy of God, and for no other reason. We did not cause our own existence, we cannot sustain our own existence, and we have no means of defining our destiny. God has done all of that for us.


For all of us, there will come a time when our life here on this earth will end. For some it may come fast and furious, and for others it may come slow and late. But no matter. We are all on the same timeline.


What separates those who will be successful in life, from those who will not, is doctrine. Your success is defined by God in spiritual terms, not by man in worldly terms.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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Daily Bible Study
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