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Job 12:18-19



18 He looseth [pathach] the bond [muwcar] of kings [melek], and girdeth ['acar] their loins [mothen] with a girdle ['ezowr].

19 He leadeth [yalak] princes [kohen] away spoiled [showlal], and overthroweth [calaph] the mighty ['eythan]. KJV-Interlinear



18 'He loosens the bond of kings, And binds their loins with a girdle. 19 'He makes priests walk barefoot, And overthrows the secure ones. NASB



Kings refer to national leaders, or everyone who might be related to government, or even organizations.


Their bonds are their legislations, rules, regulations, laws, practices whether by means of a legal process, peer pressure, or through tyranny.


The girdle is that of a servant or slave. The slave is led away by means of a rope, or leash attached to his body. This leash or rope is the authority of society, which recognizes that the slave is a slave, or the servant is a servant, or the common person is a common person. In other words, everyone knows their place. And classes of peoples are established in order to keep certain folks in their place while others, the higher ups, enjoy their elite or segregated privileges.


The princes are the priests, or those who occupy various governmental administrative positions. They are the administrators of the religious or secular thought, which is common to society.


Their barefoot status is their revealed feet, exposing their walk or pattern of life style. It is also a reflection of their enslavement to that chosen pattern of life. They are in fact slaves by choice, of their own beliefs.


The mighty ones include anyone who feels secure in their life. Their security can come from their wealth, position, talent, social status, possessions, physical strengths, abilities, or whatever it is in life, that makes a person feel safe within their life.


Over all of these, God maintains total control, sovereignty, and authority.


No one can legislate their own safety, power, or eternal life. No one can invent anything, which will eliminate the troubles of this world. No one can promote themselves above the realities of life or history.


No one can design complex administrative, or social, or political bureaucracies, within which they can insulate themselves from the realities of the world.


No one can find safety and security, and prosperity, from the suffering or command over others.


God can undo the chains of government. God can loosen the chains of social ostracisms and prejudices. God can bring low, anyone who makes themselves high.


The plans, the intents, the designs of humanity are beyond counting, and yet none of them will stand up before the truth of God.


No matter what ones station is in life, whether a billionaire, a bum living under a bridge, or anyone in between, when God, Christ, and doctrine are excluded from ones life, then life in this world has but one destiny. That destiny is total doom and failure.


Death does not distinguish between anyone's world status. Death takes the rich just as it takes the poor. And in death, nothing from is world is preserved and carried into the next life.


People can have their say in life, and all they enjoy is God allowing them to do as they please, live as they please, boast as they please, celebrate as they please, intimidate as they please up to a point.


God inevitably will always have the last word, and since He has power over everything in creation, there is nothing that anyone can do to stop, prevent, or alter His will.


Stand against God, and you will have everything to fear, both from this world and from God.


Stand with God within your spiritual life, and there is nothing and no one, which can take you out of Gods protective control over your life.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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