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Job 13:1-2



1 Lo, mine eye [`ayin] hath seen [ra'ah] all this, mine ear ['ozen] hath heard [shama`] and understood [biyn] it.

2 What ye know [da`ath], the same do I know [yada`] also: I am not inferior [naphal] unto you. KJV-Interlinear



1 'Behold, my eye has seen all this, My ear has heard and understood it. 2 'What you know I also know. I am not inferior to you. NASB



Even in those post-flood generations, in the very early centuries of the history of humanity, Job states that he has seen the work of God, that he has heard the teachings of God, that he is well aware of the truths verses the lies of the world.


Back in those days, just a hand full of centuries following the flood, the world population could not have been much more than a few million people with the very early beginnings of settlers migrating to the north into Russia, east into India, to the south into Egypt, and to the west into Italy, as we know these regions in our present day.


With people living very long life spans of several hundred years, the migration would not have hindered trade and knowledge of events occurring throughout the known world. Remember that Job was aware of the different star constellations in the southern hemisphere, though he had never seen them. Someone had, and that information was communicated by whatever means, and got back to Job.


Jobs profession ranged from farmer and rancher, to freight hauler. His huge herds of camels would have powered large caravans throughout the region and probably beyond. You don't need several thousand camels just to haul freight a hundred miles, for a hand full of people.


Job criticizes his friends, for treating him as though he did not know the fundamental truths of life. And yet he was well aware of many facts of life, as though they were common knowledge among the then world population.


There were the good guys and the bad guys. People, communities, and even nations, rose and fell. Archeology will probably never discover the existence of ancient communities that disappeared from history.


In or own lifetime, if someone among us were a hundred years old, they would have seen a great deal of history from before world war one until now. The nations of the world have changed dramatically in the last century, not to mention the technology.


And so it was back in Jobs day. He witnessed probably, many changes throughout his local region, and he heard the news from regions far away.


All of these, he attributed to the power and control of God.


Job is not inferior to his friends, as he states. He was an educated man. He probably did not have such a formal education as we have today, but he learned by listening to his parents, and other relatives. And, he observed the world around him, and discerned and made sense of the events that occurred around him.


Not only did he view the world for his own contemporary education, but he interpreted history within the context of the scriptures.


Most people today look at history through a variety of colored glasses, even fogged up glasses. They see evolution with no beginning and no end, and man with just a 'getting along' existence. People look at life as a pursuit of self-entertainment, as a pursuit of meaningful crusades to change this or that, to save this or that, to establish standards for this or for that.


Or, people look at life as one hardship for just trying to get through life.


Few look at life or history, through a doctrinal interpretation, or from Gods point of view. Today the Father is making the nations a footstool for Christ.


Many may think that we are trying to save humanity from a disastrous global warming trend, or from over population, or from famine or starvation, or even terrorism. Television, even the news, is nothing more than medicine for curious entertainment.


Many may think that technology will one day solve all of mans problems. We have some very advanced techniques in genetics, electronics, and satellite technologies. We have lots of really neat toys for both kids and adults. There are things for the car, for the home, for the hobbyist, for just about anything you can imagine.


There are a lot of things which make life more convenient, but none of them remove sin and death from our existence. Those two things, man will never be able to remove.


We still have jealousy and arrogance, lies and gossip, hatred and murder, and so many categories of lust that it is difficult to list them all. But the worst flaw of them all is indifference to truth.


Indifference means that you are going to passively allow your life to go by, giving you absolutely nothing for it. And that, if anything, is by far the worst catastrophe of them all. You fail to correctly interpret life.


In Jobs day, he was able to figure life out. In fact, lots of folks were able to figure life out, and that was a very ancient time in the far distant past.


Why do you suppose it is so difficult for folks to figure life out in our current day, with all of our vast and advanced knowledge?


Jesus Christ is life. Bible doctrine is life. And, when you start mastering both of those within your soul, then you will be on a course for a great eternal life.

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End Of Lesson

Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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Daily Bible Study
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