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Job 14:1



1 Man ['adam] that is born [yalad] of a woman ['ishshah] is of few [qatser] days [yowm], and full [sabea] of trouble [rogez]. KJV-Interlinear



1 'Man, who is born of woman, Is short-lived and full of turmoil. NASB



Of the origin of life, man dates his life in this world from the date of his physical birth. We do not date ourselves from the moment of conception, primarily because we generally do not know that moment.


From birth, as one-year passes, we celebrate our one year birthday. We do not celebrate our one year and nine month birthday. And so it is with our second birthday, and third, and fiftieth, and one hundredth if it applies. All dates begin with a person's day of birth.


No matter how many years a person lives, when compared to the endless timeline of eternity, our life here on this earth is brief, not even a flicker, or blimp, of a blink as it were.


And even though we have many occasions of boredom, longing for time to pass by more quickly, time which seems to drag on, our life is still brief in the grand scheme of things.


Job begins a description of the brevity, frailty, weakness, suffering, and impurity of humanity.


Not that we haven't already seen the uselessness of mankind, as Job described the rotting and putrid state of humanity, but in this chapter Job is going to let everyone know that they (or we), have no place from which to boast about our life.


If we think to highly of ourselves, then we will tend to not think very highly of God. If we are not sufficiently impressed with God, then we will miss out on the phenomenal life, which He has planned out for each one of us.


Now, it is time to keep your mind open and certainly not get offended, or arrogant for that matter, regarding the next concept.


In the human race, there are two sexes. The male is generally considered the stronger of the two. The female is considered the weaker sex. That is a concept, which has been around since the beginning of humanity.


Whether you agree or not, is irrelevant. Job is going to make a point here, which applies to all of humanity, not just to the males, not just to the females. We are all included in his illustration.


Now, the female has the babies. The female has a monthly menstrual cycle. Child birth is generally considered a painful experience. And, the baby born, is helpless.


And finally, all of us had a momma. Whether you knew your momma, whether you knew your daddy, again, is irrelevant. If you are alive and breathing, then you had a mother who gave birth to you.


Therefore, we all have something in common. We all came from woman. And since the woman is the weaker and fragile when pregnant, especially at the time of child birth, since the woman goes through extraordinary pain during childbirth, and even prior to child birth, the woman has a monthly cycle which is considered an impurity.


Then, by identification with our mother, we all came from impurity, pain and suffering, weakness, helplessness, and frailty.


And such is the reality state of the human race.


Not only is mankind weak and worthless, but he is here in this life for a very brief time.


Of everyone who has had talent, intellect, abilities of any sort, and of those who have lived in the past and are now dead, then their boastful thoughts and attitudes are buried in the grave of corruption along with them.


Where is the approbation? Where is the applause? Where is the celebrityship from the grave?


Life in this world is full of turmoil. Life is a burden. Our primary burden is our sinful nature and death. Over those, we have no victory, no means of winning that battle. No means, that is, by our own abilities.


And yet still again, God takes us, us who are so useless and feeble, and sets out an intricate plan for our individual lives.


Do we deserve it? No. Do we have the means of earning it? No. Should we care? Yes, if you want anything better for your life.


Moreover, even if your life has been one of luxury and pampering, your life is still defined as burdened. Why? Because one day you will die, and over that you have no power of your own.

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