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Job 14:15-17



15 Thou shalt call [qara'], and I will answer [`anah] thee: thou wilt have a desire [kacaph] to the work [ma`aseh] of thine hands [yad].

16 For now thou numberest [caphar] my steps [tsa`ad]: dost thou not watch [shamar] over my sin [chatta'ah]?

17 My transgression [pesha`] is sealed up [chatham] in a bag [tsarowr], and thou sewest up [taphal] mine iniquity [`avon]. KJV-Interlinear



15 'Thou wilt call, and I will answer Thee; Thou wilt long for the work of Thy hands. 16 'For now Thou dost number my steps, Thou dost not observe my sin. 17 'My transgression is sealed up in a bag, And Thou dost wrap up my iniquity. NASB



Yesterday, Job asked the question, 'If a man dies, will he live again?' And the answer to that question is no and yes. When a person dies, they leave this world never to return again to this life. But when a person dies he will live again in the next life, the life we call eternity.


Job awaits his change of station, from life in this world, to life in the hereafter.


One day God will call each one of us individually.


Regardless if we leave this world alone in a single event of our death, or as a part of some huge catastrophe, we are still treated as an individual as far as God is concerned.


Not that we have any choice when God takes us from this world, but Job specifically states 'I will answer.' Job is ready for death whenever God decides that it is time.


God has his own timetable, and regardless of whether we think we are ready or not, His schedule will always take priority over ours.


God numbers our every step in life. God knows our every thought, our every motivation, our every decision, and our every action. God knows all of the things that will influence our life, from environmental influences to genetic influences, to any other kind of influence, which will be a part of our life.


God knows our good deeds, as well as our sins. God knows our spiritual status at any given moment in our life.


God has known everything about us since eternity past. He saw our life in eternity past.


And Job states here, that our every sin is bundled up in a bag, such that they can be counted and known, without loss.


The bag here is a money bag. In banking matters, and in legal matters, sums of money or evidence is documented or counted, then placed in a bag, or a file, or a vault. On the outside of that bag or container, whatever it might be, the contents are recorded and then the bag or file is sealed.


No one has to open up the bag and recount its contents. Its seal and record of contents lets the one who has custody of the bag, know what is inside. There is no need for a recount, or for verification of the contents.


And so it is with our individual lives. God has sealed us up and recorded the contents of our lives. Especially the sins. No sin is overlooked, no sin is left out accidentally. You are not charged with more sins than you will actually commit, nor with fewer.


In this fashion, Christ, when He went to the Cross, had an exact count of the sins of all of humanity. And you, when you believed in Christ, have a complete accounting of your sins wiped out, prohibiting you from further condemnation, thus insuring your eternal security in Christ.


Job knows that there is life after this one. Job knows that God has sealed up his sins, for he knows that he is not a perfect person. Job knows that his life in the hereafter is protected, because his condemnation, his sins, have been completely accounted for and sealed up by God Himself.


And by the way, at the end of the Millennium, when this universe is destroyed, all of those bags of evidence will be expunged, wiped out, obliterated, erased completely, along with the old universe, never to exist again.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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