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Job 15:7



7 Art thou the first [ri'shown] man ['adam] that was born [yalad]? or wast thou made [chuwl] before [paniym] the hills [gib`ah]? KJV-Interlinear



7 'Were you the first man to be born, Or were you brought forth before the hills? NASB



Earlier in chapter twelve, Job had stated that he was just as wise as his friends, that he was not stupid with regard to the ways of the world, or life, or with regard to Gods ways.


And now Eliphaz shows his shallowness and sensitivity, by complaining that Job makes himself out to be wiser than everyone.


Job did not say that, but only defended himself against their accusations. And Jobs comments were not unreasonable under the circumstances. He was in agony from his physical ailments and his friends were hammering him to confess his guilt in order to make the pain go away.


But here we have just one more in a long line of accusations, which are exaggerated, out of context, and disproportionate to what Job had actually said. And that is typical of what liberal minded people do. They stretch the context of any given subject, argument, or debate, to include things that do not belong, and they exclude correct things which do belong. Our liberal media does this a lot, and that ends up in distorted news stories.


So, Eliphaz queries Job as to whether he was born before Adam, or existed even earlier, before the hills were created.


Longevity of life is associated with wisdom. An older person is considered to have greater wisdom than a younger person.


Wisdom was established in eternity past.


Prov. 8:23

23 'From everlasting I was established, NASB


The book of Job often refers to the ancients, or men who have lived a very long time. Those men were considered to be the wisest of people on the planet.


Likewise, the hills and the mountains are geological features of the planet, which are considered to be everlasting, because they are around for a very long time. And with respect to any given generation, the hills and the mountains remain as generations of people come and go.


In your lifetime, how many hills and mountains have disappeared or changed dramatically? Well, except for a volcano or two, probably the bulk of the geography of the planet has remained the same during your lifetime, and will remain long after you are gone.


But here Eliphaz contests Jobs views and challenges him as to whether he knows more than the oldest of people, or whether he knows more than even the mountains, or challenges him as to whether he has such knowledge that he has been a first hand witness to the many ancient era's of time.


Job has never made any such claim. Eliphaz's comment is really out of context and off the subject. Something that he had accused Job of doing.


So by his own words, Job has stuck to the subject at hand. By his own words, Eliphaz has contradicted himself and is guilty of his own accusations against Job.

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End Of Lesson

Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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Daily Bible Study
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