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Job 15:8-9



8 Hast thou heard [shama`] the secret [cowd] of God ['elowahh]? and dost thou restrain [gara`] wisdom [chokmah] to thyself?

9 What knowest [yada`] thou, that we know [yada`] not? what understandest [biyn] thou, which is not in us? KJV-Interlinear



8 'Do you hear the secret counsel of God, And limit wisdom to yourself? 9 'What do you know that we do not know? What do you understand that we do not? NASB



Eliphaz in his escalation of criticism of Job, continues to chide him as to what he knows verses what his three friends know.


After all, who is it here that is suffering?


How is it that Job, who has lost all of his wealth, can know more about life, than his friends, who are presumably still in good financial standing? How is it that Job, who has nothing now, and is in very poor health, can presume that his condition was not due to some failure on his part? How is it that Job, who looks absolutely terrible, can say that this is some kind of random and freak accident from God, with no 'obvious' purpose?


The 'obvious' is clear to his friends. It is Job who refuses their conclusions of his hypocrisy.


Does Job know something more than they know? Has Job sat in on the highest levels of counsel with God Himself? Is Job privy to knowledge or revelation that has not been made known to humanity in general? Does Job possess some high level of knowledge, and is he refusing to share it?


So, Eliphaz has stated his claims against Job. Eliphaz has challenged his knowledge of life verses that of Job.


But remember the disclosure from God Himself in chapter one. What did He say regarding Job?


And the funny thing is, the answer to Eliphaz's accusations, which are really nothing more than ridicule of Job, is 'Yes.' Yes, there is information, which is known to Job, because Job knows himself, Job knows his own life, and Job knows what he has and has not done in life. And Eliphaz does not know. And why does he not know? Because he refuses to know.


The information regarding Job and his life, is fully public and closed to no one, but Eliphaz is driven by his preconceived ideas and beliefs. The facts are irrelevant.


Eliphaz like so many who prefer their prejudiced views, does not look to objective information, but rather attempts to weave a web of lies, accusations, distorted views, and such things in order to make the conversation ambiguous and foggy.


Eliphaz has no clear proof for his position, so he weaves a story, which will create facts that will fit his conclusion. Eliphaz is the leader of the three friends. He has no clear argument. The other two friends do not have anything additional or original to add to the argument, so they simply fall into line with their leader, Eliphaz. They all take up the charge against Job, even though they have no position.


After all Job is the one who has become destitute and near death. How can he possibly know more than they? How can he possibly be right and they wrong? They are not the ones suffering. They are not the ones who have incurred losses.

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End Of Lesson

Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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Daily Bible Study
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