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Job 15:11



11 Are the consolations [tanchuwm] of God ['el] small [ma`at] with thee? is there any secret ['at] thing [dabar] with thee? KJV-Interlinear



11 'Are the consolations of God too small for you, Even the word spoken gently with you? NASB



The consolations of God, is a reference to the compassions, or the words of God, which more specifically, is a reference to the actual words which Eliphaz and the other two friends have spoken.


So, now Eliphaz is superimposing Gods will onto his own words. He is implying that anything he has said, is the same as if God Himself had said them.


Eliphaz suggests that it is Job who is insulting Eliphaz and the others, because Job is not accepting, without argument, their words.


Eliphaz suggests that his words have been spoken in a gentle soothing and compassionate manner. That he has entered into this conversation in an effort to help Job.


Of course his help is in the form of condemnation and demands that Job surrender and give way to their obviously correct conclusions.


Since Job rejects their views, then Eliphaz suggests that it is Job who does not value the words of God, spoken by himself and the others.


In a fashion, Eliphaz is being condescending toward Job. He implies that his views are correct and that Jobs views are totally out of line.


But we know that this is wrong, that Eliphaz is in fact the one who is in error, and that Job is the one who is making all of the right statements.


God described Job at the outset of chapter one. He did not describe Eliphaz or anyone else. Later God will appear in a whirlwind and reprimand Eliphaz and the friends. Job will not be reprimanded.


The conversation has gone on for some time now. All parties have had their say.


Job has listened to them and he has defended himself against all of their accusations. They have not listened to Job, but have virtually ignored everything he has said.


Job is open minded. They are rigid in their thinking.


Job is asking questions, looking for answers. They have already decided the matter and are looking for proof for their conclusion.


Job recognizes himself as an imperfect man, as a sinner, as the undeserving recipient of grace from God. They really believe that what they are doing is really right, and that they deserve to be respected for their wisdom. Any disrespect toward them is simply unacceptable and the same as being disrespectful toward God.


They assume that the world believes as they do. But that too is a conclusion, which they presume with no basis in fact. This is a typical liberal pattern of argument. If something is said over and over, often enough, then sooner or later the listeners will begin to accept it as fact.


Throughout this book, Eliphaz and the others will not deviate from their opinions. Job will offer convincing arguments as to why they are wrong, but they will not listen to him, as they reject truth, just as they accuse Job of not listening to them.

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End Of Lesson

Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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Daily Bible Study
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