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Job 15:26-27



26 He runneth [ruwts] upon him, even on his neck [tsavva'r], upon the thick [`abiy] bosses [gab] of his bucklers [magen]:

27 Because he covereth [kacah] his face [paniym] with his fatness [cheleb], and maketh [`asah] collops of fat [piymah] on his flanks [kecel]. KJV-Interlinear



26 'He rushes headlong at Him With his massive shield. 27 'For he has covered his face with his fat, And made his thighs heavy with flesh. NASB



Because of his negative attitude toward God, the negative person rushes headlong in his attack against God. Or, his negative life is the same as, a headlong attack.


Arrogance is so powerful, that when a person rejects the truth, his attitude embraces lies, and therefore his attack is like a mad man, a midget, a small person who we generally perceive as having no power or ability, jumping on the back of a giant, a monster, and in this case, God, who is all powerful.


His attack is in vain and any onlooker can see that he will lose horribly in the ensuing battle. A fly against the flyswatter making a perfect strike. But the fly attacks anyway. And to what end? Splat.


A person does not have to be a historical figure, a person does not have to be a Genghis Khan, or a Hitler, or a Sadaam to be brutal in their attack against the one true God.


The world is filled with politicians, celebrities, social climbers, gossips, or just spiritually indifferent people. The world is filled with opinionated people. Don't you have an opinion with respect to abortion, Iraq, birth control, immigration, environment, fuel alternatives, or just the colors that a person should wear in public?


Don't you have an opinion with regard to the spiritual life? What it is, how it functions, why it should be one way or another?


And if you are alive an breathing, and have at least some thinking years under your belt, then you have opinions. Whether you are right or wrong is irrelevant. The fact is that you have an opinion about many subjects. And your opinions are driven by what you believe, and by what you have learned.


If you have studied, objectively, the Bible, and have received at least a reasonably accurate perspective with regard to the Word of God, then you at least have some foundation for thinking the right thoughts with regard to life.


If you have ignored the Bible, if you have modified what the Bible teaches, to fit your own ideas, if you have adopted some other philosophy, then your thinking is going to be wrong.


How do you know when you are right and when you are wrong? You have to first begin with the source of truth, which is the Bible, and then let the Holy Spirit reveal and make clear the truth to you. God is your ace in the hole. All you have to do is be consistent and God will transform your mind and guide you in the direction of truth.


As you learn more and more Bible doctrine, then you are able to combine your five senses as well as your logic and common sense, to figure things out, that might not be so clear. Patience and time cures everything.


Don't rush to be opinionated about anything.


But as for the impatient person, the negative person, the indifferent person, the compromising person, the self-righteous person and so forth, there will never be enough time, and truth will always elude them. They will attack the brick wall repeatedly, never figuring out why their head is so bruised.


They reject truth and embrace their sensual satisfactions. And that, is the fatness on their face and thighs.


When a person becomes a glutton, they consume the things that are most important to them in life. For some it is food, for some it is alcohol, for some it is drugs, for some it is sensual pleasures, for some it is work, and so forth.


Whatever the pleasures of life are for you, whether eating, drinking, watching television, sleeping, whatever it is that you do to occupy your time, that is your 'fat' in life. Fat in life, is your pursuing the pleasures, or interests, or lusts, or goals, or whatever you do in life. That is, when those activities exclude God, Christ and doctrine.


And just as the glutton who eats constantly, becomes heavier and heavier in weight, and consequently loses his health, so too, the wrong emphasis in mental thought will cause your soul to lose its perspective.


Pursue this pattern of life for long enough, and you will discover, maybe, that you have been jumping on Gods neck, pounding on Him in your futile effort to define your own life. You will lose.


The next time you pass by a cemetery, point out those who have won in their attempts to beat the odds. Ask them all to raise their hands. And of course this suggestion is silly just as any spiritually negative life is.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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Daily Bible Study
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