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Job 16:1-2



1 Then Job ['Iyowb] answered [`anah] and said ['amar],

2 I have heard [shama`] many such things [rab]: miserable [`amal] comforters [nacham] are ye all. KJV-Interlinear



1 Then Job answered, 2 'I have heard many such things; Sorry comforters are you all. NASB



Instead of attempting to put out the fires of Jobs suffering, his friends are throwing more accusatory fuel into his misery. Instead of trying to help diminish his misery, his friends are increasing his suffering with their verbal assault.


Job was a recognized authority in his region. He sat at the gates of the city and gave out decisions and advice when folks had issues that needed resolving. Job was recognized as an authority, and fair in his dealings with all parties.


Eliphaz had no such recognition. None of these three friends had any such status within their respective communities. And yet, they have presumed to teach Job of his flaws, which also are assumed.


Likewise they have presumed to give Job advice as to how he can resolve his miserable state. Advice which they have no authority to give, and no power to accomplish or enforce.


None of their words will bring relief, or comfort, or cures for Jobs affliction. Jobs friends would have demonstrated much more wisdom if they had just remained silent rather than offering their criticism and accusations against his character.


Job states his response again. These friends have offered nothing new, nothing that he does no already know. While it is true that we learn in life through repetition and feedback, the best courses of teaching methods, here Job is not in need of instruction.


This conversation is written in the Bible for you and me to learn, line by line, precept by precept, all of the many things that were common knowledge as far back as Job's day, some forty-five hundred years ago.


You can go out into the public and hear conversations and opinions and wonder, just how has humanity survived so many centuries with so little apparent learning? And yet here we are. Must be grace.


Jobs friends had originally come to him to offer comfort. This is what they should have done. They should have just been there, they should have offered help to his wife, offered help with whatever was left of his estate, and just made things better.


Job knew that God would sooner or later, rid him of his affliction or end his life, making things easier or at least bring some closure for all concerned. And to that end there was nothing that anyone could do. No one could cure Jobs disease. No one could bring back Jobs children. No one could restore Jobs lost property.


As far as everyone was concerned, they were all in a helpless and hopeless situation. There was no solution available such that any of them could change anything.


So, nothing was to be gained with a program of accusations against Job. Accusations usually only bring defensiveness, and subsequent responses, which also bring defensiveness. And that leaves everyone rigid in their positions, unwilling to give in lest they lose the argument.


What was supposed to have been a visit for comfort, has turned into a competitive debate. What was supposed to have been an offering of sympathy has transformed into a selfish crusade for proving a point. A point which had no basis in fact in the first place.


Job is the victim, an innocent victim at that, and yet the world is determined to condemn him regardless of the truth. When it comes to finding fairness and justice from a subjective world, the world will never give in, will never relent, and will never forgive. And that is the very best you can expect from the world.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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