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Job 17:5



5 He that speaketh [nagad] flattery [cheleq] to his friends [rea`], even the eyes [`ayin] of his children [ben] shall fail [kalah]. KJV-Interlinear



5 'He who informs against friends for a share of the spoil, The eyes of his children also shall languish. NASB



In short, he who violates the terms of truth, forfeits the rights and blessings of truth. We already saw yesterday that when truth is rejected, then understanding is not obtained.


Everyone has access to the details of truth, whether it concerns the terms of salvation, or some interpretation and use of a mathematical formula, makes no difference. Truth all comes from God. He invented it, He defined it, He designed it.


Unfortunately, humanity is driven by their rejection of truth, and from that comes little white lies, gossips, self-righteous types, criminals, terrorists, and so forth. Man has developed philosophies in religions to economics, to types of government, various theories in science, as well as their use of these things in life.


Mans beliefs range from those who want to be isolated from society in their extreme asceticism, to those who are driven by passion, lusts, and crime. Some claim no particular reason for their beliefs, while others justify their beliefs by means of invented religions or philosophies.


Friends include anyone with whom you might have a common interest or might be associated with in this world. Since all of humanity shares the same planet, then all of humanity can be identified as a friend or acquaintance, even if a stranger.


All were placed here in this world, by God. All have a common beginning and source. All have the same two possible destinies - the Lake of Fire or Heaven.


Our life in this world is temporary. Or destiny exists in the next life, not in this one. Our spoils, which is a reference to any rewards that will exist, are temporary in this life and potentials for the next life.


We may or we may not receive our share of the eternal spoils.


Some folks restrict their sight to the things of this life. They pursue their happiness through their lusts, or desires of the things or circumstances of this world. In so doing, they betray their friends, for their goals ignore truth, and therefore are guided by untruth.


Untruth can only be satisfied by means of someone else's loss. Friends in other words. Gossips gladly sacrifice the privacy or happiness of their victims. Gossips are driven by the destruction of someone else.


Terrorists as nothing more than common criminals. They are driven by their lusts, desires, and emotions. Their beliefs are not based in truth, therefore their lives are founded on the quicksand's of lies.


Likewise anyone else who rejects truth in order to preserve their chosen life style, pursues fleeting promises of their imagination.


Beliefs subscribed to and promoted by a parent, inevitably overflows to their children.


Of course, everyone has volition, and therefore the opportunity to see through the lies of this world. Unfortunately, most will subscribe to the beliefs of their parents, or of something of a similar pattern. No one is an island to themselves and everyone's life has an influence or impact on someone else's life.


Some may be influenced in a good way, and some in a bad way. But you can easily look around the world and see the impact of evolving cultures where millions and billions, during the course of history, have been lost to the lies of the world simply because of the entrenched beliefs and traditions of their parents.


The result? Languish, as Job here calls it. This is a decay, a pining away, a suffering, a weakening of the moral and spiritual fabric of society. And hence, the loss of truth resulting in the loss of truth's benefits for ones life.


Flattery is the smoothness of life with an objective toward better things, or better results.


All people who reject truth, at any time in their life, are evil people. Look in the mirror, and you will see a typically evil person. Any rejection of truth is by default, evil.


Evil people can pursue only what they perceive as the good offered by this world, which good is temporary and not really good at all. They gladly sacrifice others, 'friends,' in order to gain their desired reward. Since life is temporary in this world, anything gained is eventually lost.


So, what people typically pursue in life - happiness, pleasures, wealth, success, prosperity, power and so forth, are never achieved because their basis for such pursuits is a false one. This even results in and contributes to the destruction of ones descendants.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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