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You must be in fellowship prior to your Bible study, so that the spiritual information you receive can become a source, of blessing to your soul and produce spiritual growth.

Job 18:1-2



1 Then answered [`anah] Bildad [Bildad] the Shuhite [Shuchiy], and said ['amar],

2 How long [`ad] will it be ere ye make [suwm] an end [qenets] of words [millah]? mark [biyn], and afterwards ['achar] we will speak [dabar]. KJV-Interlinear



1 Then Bildad the Shuhite responded, 2 'How long will you hunt for words? Show understanding and then we can talk. NASB



Bildad, is the second of the three friends. Recall from chapter two that his name means, 'son of contention,' or 'Bel has loved.' Bel means, 'wisdom of the distant East.' Bel was a god, and a false one at that, naturally. Therefore, his wisdom is false. And even though many of the things that Bildad will say are truths, his application of them is in error, therefore making his wisdom false because it is misapplied.


The location of his homeland is not known, though we presume that it is east of Job's home. Bildad's speeches generally echo the words of Eliphaz, he doesn't demonstrate any innovation in them, but they are delivered with more severity and sternness.


Bildad responds with a bit more passion. He is apparently tired of all that has been said. And he is certainly tired of all that Job is saying.


Bildad accuses Job of speaking nonsense and not words of wisdom. But this is in sharp contrast with Jobs many, many years of public service. In chapter twenty-nine we will see that Job, prior to his suffering, was a brilliant man.


Job 29:22

22 'After my words they did not speak again, NASB


Whenever Job spoke, no one had anything further to say. They were totally blown away by his knowledge and wisdom. So what has changed?


Well, Job is now poor and extremely diseased. Does that mean that his knowledge has disappeared, or is no longer of value? Or is it because now that Job is poor, his words somehow have less value than they did when he was rich?


The latter is of course the reason that his friends do not heed his words. People who lack wisdom, are impressed by wealth and success, regardless of its source. If you take a stroll down Wall Street and you happen to see people in thousand dollar outfits as well as people who happen to be pushing shopping carts and wearing rags, who would you ask, for advice?


And of course we would all turn to the suit and tie crowd. We would avoid the homeless folks. That is just natural in human nature. And though we are not talking about this kind of social contrast here in Job, we are talking about this kind of wisdom prejudice.


Use a different kind of comparison. Most advertising and marketing use celebrities, or doctors, or some spokesperson with implied credentials. Now, why is that? Well, because of the association that the public makes with people of presumed integrity or wisdom. The stereotype is there, and most folks fall for it.


Are all doctors' reliable experts? No. Otherwise, there would not be so many malpractice lawsuits. Are all celebrities experts, or wise for that matter? Are all politicians wise?


Eccl. 9:16

16 So I said, 'Wisdom is better than strength.' But the wisdom of the poor man is despised and his words are not heeded. NASB


In most cases, successful people are wise with respect to their field of work or talent, or whatever it is that they do well. But remember too, that it is God who provides us with everything that we have in life. That includes all of the details surrounding our success. God provides us with the environment to come up with ideas. God provides us with customers. God provides us with all of the circumstances of our life, such that we can excel.


So whatever success or talent, or ability that we might have in life, we need too, to take the source of it all, into consideration.


We don't expect to learn the secrets of life from some bum who lives under a bridge. But the issue here is not the person who might be speaking, but the source of the wisdom itself.


Does a pastor or preacher who speaks in a grand cathedral, know more about God, than one who speaks from a tent? John the Baptist had no new fancy clothing and he had no temple to teach in, but he knew far more than those priests who executed the very Lord of whom they presumed to be experts.


So do not look for wisdom only from impressive buildings or high budget productions. But likewise beware of smooth sales pitches in tents.


Wisdom comes from God and from God alone. Wisdom is perfect and genuine regardless of the mechanism God channels it through. Most of the prophets were poor. Most of the priests of history were very well to do. And who knew more about God?


Most of the prophets had no formal education. Most of the priests had very well connected families, and credentials, and letters of introduction, and so forth. Who knew more about God.


Just because someone does not have as much as you do, financially, or by talent, or by ability, do not discount their words just because of their social status.


Bible doctrine should be listened to for that value of its wisdom. The person who is speaking or communicating is irrelevant. His personality is irrelevant. His social status or wealth, or lack of these things are all irrelevant.


Remember, knowledge does not make one wise. Spiritual growth is the only means of channeling knowledge into wisdom. And, spiritual growth comes only by means of Gods authorized method of learning and growing. Namely, you must be saved, you must be in fellowship, and you must be teachable.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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