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Job 18:5-6



5 Yea, the light ['owr] of the wicked [rasha`] shall be put out [da`ak], and the spark [shabiyb] of his fire ['esh] shall not shine [nagahh].

6 The light ['owr] shall be dark [chashak] in his tabernacle ['ohel], and his candle [niyr] shall be put out [da`ak] with him. KJV-Interlinear



5 'Indeed, the light of the wicked goes out, And the flame of his fire gives no light. 6 'The light in his tent is darkened, And his lamp goes out above him. NASB


Now, Bildad launches on a discourse of the miserable condition of wicked people. He lists several proverbs, which were obviously generally known truths of his day.


Even though his words are true, their application to Job is in error. Just knowing miscellaneous sayings and stating them, does not make them applicable to any one person or group.


It is true that wicked people will suffer in the end. That is, the end of their life. But many a wicked person has lived a prosperous life and no one would have known the difference. Likewise, good people suffer, as Job is suffering here. Just because people suffer in life, does not mean that they are wicked folks.


Apart from other evidences or proofs, it is not our place to know the spiritual status of other folks. Certainly we become acquainted with people over time and from our observations and such, we can get a good idea as to their spiritual status. But that knowledge serves only to teach ourselves, or to provide us with teaching aids for our children. It is never information to be used to judge or gossip against others.


Wicked people can be prosperous. They can be innovative in life. They can laugh at jokes, fall in love, even be good neighbors. But as with all people, their light of life goes out, and that is the end of their own self guided life, forever.


Isa. 50:11

11 Behold, all you who kindle a fire, Who encircle yourselves with firebrands, Walk in the light of your fire And among the brands you have set ablaze. This you will have from My hand; And you will lie down in torment. NASB


Prov. 11:7

7 When a wicked man dies, his expectation will perish, NASB


The wicked person operates his own life by means of his own power. That is the power of his sin nature. He lives within the jungle of the carnal world.


See the study chart on Carnality.


Wicked people can range from those like Hitler, to quiet and nice folks. Wickedness is not limited to extraordinary monsters. But no matter whom they are in life, whether in the daily news, or sitting quietly in the shadows of obscurity, they all function by means of their own power - their sin nature.


None of them, in fact no person, has power over their inevitable death. And so death catches up with us all, sooner or later.


At that moment, its lights out, and sayonara to this world. All of the plans, all of the ambitions, all of the good times, all of the total avoidance of God, comes to a sudden halt.


When we are born physically into this world, as infants our candle of life burns bright, but as age advances on us with all of its chronological stealth, our candle dims ever so slowly. Often times you have to be old, or at least older in life, before you begin to feel the aches and pains of age, and before you discover that you are not as agile, or not as bulletproof as you thought you were.


The visions you might have of your self-determination, of your being self-made, of your independence of this world, are not true. And for the wicked, for those who ignore their spiritual life, for the most part of their life, that realization does not come until death. And of course when one dies, it is too late to change.


You only have this one life to live. Get with your daily Bible study and don't waste your life. Don't risk your entire eternal future by being stubborn in your attitude toward God, toward Christ, and certainly toward Bible doctrine or your spiritual responsibilities.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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