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Job 19:11-12



11 He hath also kindled [charah] his wrath ['aph] against me, and he counteth [chashab] me unto him as one of his enemies [tsar].

12 His troops [gaduwd] come [bow'] together [yachad], and raise up [calal] their way [derek] against me, and encamp [chanah] round about [cabiyb] my tabernacle ['ohel]. KJV-Interlinear



11 'He has also kindled His anger against me, And considered me as His enemy. 12 'His troops come together, And build up their way against me, And camp around my tent. NASB



God is not able to sin, and able, to not sin. God does not get angry in the sense that we understand it. God has a policy, which is bound to the principles of His righteousness and justice.


Truth drives these principles and love produces grace. And grace is supported by Gods omniscience of all possible historical events, which in turn produces foreknowledge, which allows God to select all historical circumstances which will provide each one of us the very best possible life. This in turn produces patience within God, which gives us all a chance to be saved, trained, and complete in our lives.


Some folks recognize these principles of life and advance in their spiritual lives. Most folks ignore these principles, because they are just not important to them. Other things, the temporary things in life, are more important, and so eternal repercussions are ignored.


And so Job continues the description of the military siege which God has laid up against him. A siege which is intended to teach us the futility of opposing truth, exchanging it for the views, lusts, desires, and such of this world.


God opposes anything which opposes truth. The lies of this universe are in effect Gods enemies. All enemies of God have but one destiny, and that destiny is total obliteration.


Anyone who opposes God will eventually find themselves surrounded by His infinite power and infinite resources for battle. No one can oppose God and survive.


When Jesus Christ went to the Cross, God mustered all of his armies, which is His reference to His policy against evil, and Christ was surrounded, cut off, sieged, abandoned, totally isolated while sin was thoroughly defeated.


And so Job is totally isolated, abandoned, cut off. He is the target of a total siege and thorough attack from without and from within. All about him there is no friend, no ally, no human help that can come to his aid.


Without God in your life, you have no possible hope. Your life does not consist of only a few decades of work, of accumulation of things, of personal interests, of hobbies, of goals, of dreams consisting of the things in this world, as though that is all there is to life.


And though there is nothing wrong with these things per se, they can all become noble activities when they are incorporated into a life of spiritual growth. Or they can become distractions and therefore the sources or allies of evil and great failure in ones life.


Nothing is gained by pursuing selfish interests. Nothing is gained by nagging and harassing. Nothing is gained by lusting for anything in this world. Nothing is gained by blaming folks for conspiracies against you.


In fact there is nothing gained or lost, by means of anything that anyone does for or against you in this life. If someone cheated you, then so what. If someone promised something for you, then what does it really matter?


It is said that young men have visions, which are the goals and ambitions and drives of achievement. It is said that old men have dreams, which are the thoughts of all of those visions that might have been, but never will be, because the effort and abilities have all but evaporated from ones life.


God is your certain and reliable resource and His resources will be there forever. All one has to do is comply with His spiritual growth mandates, and those are the simplest things to do in life.


Ignore your spiritual life, and emphasize the things that you want from this life, and God will corner you in an undefendable position. You will never win.


Pursue your spiritual life, and you will still have difficulties put on your plate in order to help you trust in God, but His patience and foreknowledge and omniscience and grace and love and truth and justice and righteousness will produce in you, the greatest possible life, even one beyond imagination.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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Daily Bible Study
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