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Job 19:13-14



13 He hath put [rachaq] my brethren ['ach] far [rachaq] from me, and mine acquaintance [yada`] are verily estranged [zuwr] from me.

14 My kinsfolk [qarowb] have failed [chadal], and my familiar friends [yada`] have forgotten [shakach] me. KJV-Interlinear



13 'He has removed my brothers far from me, And my acquaintances are completely estranged from me. 14 'My relatives have failed, And my intimate friends have forgotten me. NASB



The magnitude of Jobs separation from society continues to grow worse.


His own original family members, his brothers, have heard of his suffering and have separated themselves from any association with him. Here the term brother, probably refers to his immediate family since he makes reference to friends and acquaintances separately. It wouldn't be unreasonable to presume that Job came from a large family, as large families, those with many sisters and brothers, was a normal occurrence back in his time.


Likewise, his acquaintances, people with whom he had been introduced, and knew by sight or by some past association, even these folks tended to withdraw from any further association.


His relatives, those being aunts, uncles, cousins, in-laws and such, those folks have withdrawn from him.


And his close friends withdrew their association with him. Perhaps the next door neighbor, perhaps someone with whom he had daily conversations, or with whom he went hunting, or traveling in his former daily affairs. All of those folks who were close to him, who belonged to his inner circle of the closest of friends, all had abandoned him.


In prosperity, a person can have many friends, but in adversity, major adversity to the point of poverty or extra ordinary circumstances, then all of ones friends and associates, vanish.


People are shallow and want nothing to do with anything that smacks of a curse or of bad luck. People are superficial and will draw like magnets to any set of circumstances in which they can glean some prosperity for themselves. And 'self' here is the key word. If anyone can do something for self, then they are worth knowing. If they can't, then people tend to not waste their time on them.


When Jesus was healing everyone, He was the greatest person on earth. He was the greatest entertainment show on the earth. But when the powers that be, demonstrated their objections against Him, then those who would look to Him, became more afraid of the earthly powers, than they were of Jesus. And Jesus Christ was abandoned by people, in droves.


He was not only abandoned, but those who abandoned Him, turned violent against Him, taunted Him, spit on Him, cursed Him, detested Him and so forth.


Unfortunately this is the nature of anyone who is lacking in their spiritual life. Those to whom we should be loyal, such as spouses, are the very ones that are turned against, even destroyed, when times of adversity test our capacity for life.


It is the circumstances in life that control our fears, and those who are closest to us, become the enemy and the ones to blame. As though somehow that reaction will solve everything.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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Daily Bible Study
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