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Job 19:21-22



21 Have pity [chanan] upon me, have pity [chanan] upon me, O ye my friends [rea`]; for the hand [yad] of God ['elowahh] hath touched [naga`] me.

22 Why do ye persecute [radaph] me as God ['el], and are not satisfied [saba`] with my flesh [basar]? KJV-Interlinear



21 'Pity me, pity me, O you my friends, For the hand of God has struck me. 22 'Why do you persecute me as God does, And are not satisfied with my flesh? NASB



We all live under an umbrella of Gods control over all of the details of life. Jesus Christ controls history. And whether you believe it or not, that is irrelevant.


God controls history in three ways - by His direct command, by indirect control as in the laws of establishment, and third, by His permission through the free function of mans volition.


In eternity past, God looked down through the tunnel of time and by means of His omniscience, He considered all possible scenarios for a virtual infinite number of paths of history.


Through each of these possible scenarios, God could create life and remove it. He could see every possible interaction, thought, decision and action by every created being. He could see all of the possible causes and effects, actions and repercussions. Nothing was left out of any possible historical path.


God selected the very best possible historical timeline, which would benefit all of us the most. And we call that selection the Divine Decrees.


In His mind, God has seen the full picture of history, to its conclusion, and now we are playing out and making real, that which He has already foreseen. He did not cause us to think, say or do anything.


But as with anyone, God has our best interest in mind. Sometimes, with our best interest in mind, God will line up various circumstances in order to help us stay on track in life.


Note that, if you are still alive, then God has kept you on the playing field of life, preventing you from falling off the edge from your own stupid mistakes.


Sometimes God will allow, or He will direct, circumstances that will change our lives. Some of us may see a change in geography. Some of us may see a change in health. Some of us may see a change in careers. Some of us may see a change in attitude. And that list of possible changes can go on and on.


Your life and my life may have similarities in that we were forced or guided into changes in our lives, but we are very different in how that was accomplished. We may even observe situations for others, which is enough for us to make the necessary changes in our own life. For others, life may have to get ugly before they will change themselves.


In all things, we should look to our own life first, and never issue judgment against others, because what can happen to one, can happen to anyone. Even you.


But in this world, evil exists. And the primary purpose of evil is to make everyone fail in life. Evil is selfish, self centered, and arrogant to the maximum. Evil in itself will fail, and it wants to take everyone down with it.


Satan is the author and pattern of evil. Anyone who lacks truth in their soul, becomes a subscriber and follower of evil. Evil is the enemy of truth. And that means that they will seek to distort, twist, water down, compromise, explain away, and find exceptions for truth.


Evil has no capacity, no vessel, no container for happiness. And therefore, evil can never find a point of satisfaction in life. What it cannot have it will try to destroy. Evil cares for nothing but self and therefore lacks compassion and forgiveness. Evil will never forget, never forgive, and will always pursue greater and greater hardship against others, because of its insatiable nature.


Job has done nothing wrong, and yet even in the face of great suffering, his friends, so called friends, and neighbors, and business associates, and even his family, want more and more suffering for him. Why?


And by the way, we are considering purely social settings here, not crime, not war and such things. God has different and proper rules applicable for those types of things.


God is well able to manipulate and guide people through life, in any set of circumstances. He does not need any help from any of us.


But if you feel compelled to persecute others, in any way, then again, you might consider that, when you are wondering just why your own life seems to not be going well.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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Daily Bible Study
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