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Job 19:27



27 Whom I shall see [chazah] for myself, and mine eyes [`ayin] shall behold [ra'ah], and not another [zuwr]; though my reins [kilyah] be consumed [kalah] within [cheyq] me. KJV-Interlinear



27 Whom I myself shall behold, And whom my eyes shall see and not another. My heart faints within me. NASB



Though Job believes that he is on the brink of death, though he has lost almost everything near and dear to his heart - his family, his possessions, his position in society, his health, his friends and acquaintances, his hopes and dreams, Job is still convinced that the ultimate outcome of his life is in Gods hands, and that it will be a good outcome.


And that one day, after death, after his long rest, he will rise up again, with a new set of eyes, in a new body, and he will behold God, the actual person of God, his advocate, his redeemer, his savior.


He will see this same God, and not someone else. He won't see any other of the so called gods. He won't see something he has never heard of. He won't encounter the next life in a form which he is not familiar with, but one in which he has grown up believing exists, one of which he has been taught.


Furthermore, he won't hear anything by way of hearsay. He won't encounter God by means of a third party, through gossip or social chatter.


Job is convinced that he himself will rise up again and he will see the face and person of God.


And to this end, his heart, his emotions, faint within him.


The heart and kidneys, or reins as the kidneys are usually called, are a reference to the total emotional command of ones feelings and affections, and innermost desires.


Today we might say that we want something so bad, that we ache right down to the center of our heart or to the very depths of our soul. It is the total yearning of ones desires. These feelings are so powerful and yet we cannot do anything to make our feelings come true. We can only yearn, long for, hunger for that which we want soooo much.


And this is Jobs innermost desire now. To see God in person, at the end of the age, at the end of human history. And why? Because that is what he believes will occur, because that is what God has promised.


An advocate is only useful for one who has been condemned. A redeemer is only useful for one who is drowning in extreme debt. The victim, who cannot help himself, needs the help of a free man, one who has the resources and power and means to fulfill the victims' needs.


The one who can help, has to be equal with the one who accuses. God accuses, therefore the helper must also be God.


But since the debt is sin and death, then the helper must die and defeat death in order to pay the price of redemption. God cannot die, but Job has the promise of Adam and Eve, that the seed of the woman will be the savior and defeat Satan, or evil. Thus the savior must die in order to save mankind.


Likewise, this savior will stand again, as Job has stated. One changes into the standing position from some other position of rest, either sitting or reclining. The savior stands out from the dust, and that can only refer to a resurrection out from death.


Then Job will arise himself, in a body, and after the conclusion of history and he will see, with his own two eyes, the person of God. God is not a person, unless He is also man.


Job lived some 4500 years ago, just a handful of generations following the flood of Noah. Most of the original patriarchs from Noah on, were still alive.


This book of Job is one of the oldest of stories that exists in human history, but from this we can know that the persons of the Godhead, the promises of God, the principles of salvation, and the destiny of a resurrection were understood. We already have seen that Job knew and understood the principles of the spiritual life through his compliance with the confession offerings.


Jobs friends will continue to challenge Jobs integrity, but they never challenge his statement of Biblical principles.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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