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Job 20:3



3 I have heard [shama`] the check [muwcar] of my reproach [kalimmah], and the spirit [ruwach] of my understanding [biynah] causeth me to answer [`anah]. KJV-Interlinear



3 'I listened to the reproof which insults me, And the spirit of my understanding makes me answer. NASB



Zophar listened, or said he did, as Job spoke truth. But, Zophar is insulted by Jobs words of truth. Zophar presents himself as a man of reason and wisdom, and yet he rejects wisdom, instead substituting it with emotional self-righteousness.


Zophar makes himself the center of this conversation now. He makes himself the topic. And so it is with people who may have academic knowledge of right and wrong, but lack the spiritual component in their soul to sort out the wisdom of truth.


They become self centered and make themselves the issue, rather than the principles of truth being the issue of the conversation.


In every conversation, people should be able to sort out fact from fiction, reality from emotion. And if they have some semblance of Bible doctrine in their soul, then they will be able to discern truth from fiction, in life.


Otherwise, lacking Bible doctrine in their soul, the only thing left is emotional reaction, or emotional revolt of the soul. They make themselves the issue. They become offended easily. They become defensive.


Today we call it political correctness where anyone and everyone can be easily insulted or offended. Sensitivity isn't even skin deep as people live shallow lives. Samurai cut your head off if you insult them. Cowboys call you out to a gunfight if you insult them. Gentlemen challenge you to a dual if you insult them.


Spiritually mature folks don't care one bit what you call them. Your opinions are of no use to the mature believer. Only Gods opinion matters.


Zophar could have sat back and considered the matter, and then approached the conversation from Jobs perspective. After all, it is Job who is suffering here, not Zophar. Zophar has no basis for making himself the issue here, other than his lack of wisdom, and that leaves him with emotion only.


Emotion is the not the central mechanism for thinking. Emotion can only respond or react to something. Emotion does not think. Thinking should be the cause for emotion and not the other way around.


When people are driven by emotion, then trouble is usually not far behind.


When people are driven by thinking, then they are better able to appreciate the things in life, rather than being insulted, or lusting for, or feeling angry or self-pity for what they have or do not have in life.

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End Of Lesson

Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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Daily Bible Study
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