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Job 20:10



10 His children [ben] shall seek to please [ratsah] the poor [dal], and his hands [yad] shall restore [shuwb] their goods ['own]. KJV-Interlinear



10 'His sons favor the poor, And his hands give back his wealth. NASB



We have already seen that the children of the wicked, have a tendency to be even more self-centered than their parents. This leads to a squandering of the wealth, whatever it might amount to, by the second and third generations.


Not that this kind of attitude is mandatory, but when children are not taught the right's from the wrong's in life, then they will have a tendency toward the wrong's, or further disregard for Bible doctrine.


Their world is totally, or more so, engulfed in the lies and misrepresentations of the world. Likewise, sins have a tendency to rise within their respective lives. Among them is guilt.


Therefore, wealthy folks develop a guilt complex and want to embrace the poor, to gain their respect, to become likeable by the poor. But there is a hidden hypocrisy in this attitude. The poor must remain in their place, after all, they are 'the poor,' and the wealth returned to them, must come from someone else.


The liberal agenda of taking care of the poor, but keeping them in their place, and thus dependent on the 'elite' is not a new idea.


Again, after all, if the poor became rich, then who would be left to praise the rich?


The descendants of the wicked at the same time, reject the authority and position of their parents. Again, it was their fault that the poor are poor, and not the fault of the children who inherited their parents' wealth.


The descendants of the wealthy wicked, receive their wealth from their parents, but come to resent their wealth, resent their parents, develop a guilt, attempt to rectify their guilt but do so by using someone else, and even squander their wealth through their negative attitude toward life, responsibility and accountability.


They live angry lives, blaming everyone for things that they themselves don't understand.


Wealth is not a bad thing, parents are not a bad thing, inheriting is not a bad thing, and so forth, when you know that it is God who is the ultimate source for what you have.


No matter what your circumstances, God placed you there for a purpose. You just need to discover what that purpose is.


And the only way to make that discovery, is to study your Bible every day of your life.


The Bible is the window through which you may see truth, the door through which you may live it. The Bible has but one key - faith in Jesus Christ.

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End Of Lesson

Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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Daily Bible Study
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